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Creepy design, gagaluv.

1 Thirteen, Jun 23, 2018

Only in my dark mind it isn't a good guy with a gun, but a massacre about to happen on Tengaged. I wonder who will be the gunman (or gunwoman) to get the design. We will need to avoid whoever it is at all costs unless it is your wish to die.


Embarrassing blunders

2 Thirteen, Jun 23, 2018

I accidentally voted in an Instagram poll. I was meaning to skip to the next story. The person saw what I voted and sent me a private message about it. I was humiliated.


The alanb1 clones

4 Thirteen, Jun 23, 2018

There are so many of them. Each country in the world has their own. If you ever run into alanb1, know there are many more where that came from.


I am very tempted

1 Thirteen, Jun 23, 2018

to spend my TV star money on something in shops for myself.

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