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Lots of chats had to be sacrificed but here we are

Things we love
> Krista's beak
> Brendan Los Angeles
> Jackson's addiction to white claws
> Shyanne and her addiction to forging checks
> Matt and his lip injections
> Jason and Willie's Showmance
> #krista
> L U D O
> M.
> #SergeantKrista

Jackson's 21st Birthday Celebration

An Iconic Estoy Final 5

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  1. Marchesaay caramba let me in
  2. Elio86You are invited to join Elio's Big Brother 1! This will be a relatively short group game, perfect for someone looking for a quick but professional and enjoyable Big Brother group game experience. Applications are open now! If you have questions please just let me know!
  3. SurvivorFan37TotsTrashy has failed to steal the seat24 min ago
  4. SurvivorFan37Can I be in estoy. Please star me in to estoy.
  5. arianagrandestanestoy- es mi mood constante
  6. DrDeviousVote me back in homos <3
  7. BBHoward33i'd love to join
  8. KevsssInDaHouseVote me, because ESTOY-
  9. KevsssInDaHouseESTOY-
  10. wheatbreadESTOY-
  11. SithESTOY!!!!
  12. JasonXtremestarred king bluejay
  13. _Adidas_omg i spent a good time laughing at this kkkk
  14. _Adidas_LMAO THE NAME ESTOY-
  15. Katherinee_Estoy-

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is paul028 on drugs

5 jacksonjoseph99, Sep 22, 2020



Blue Level!

6 wheatbread, Sep 21, 2020

Yay!! Only two more to red!



5 jacksonjoseph99, Sep 22, 2020


VV has crabs VV

2 mbarnish1, Sep 22, 2020

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