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bored doing and essay

32 Brxan, Apr 18, 2018

pyn for a ranking out of 10 and why
Philip13 - 7.4 - We do not really talk or like each other but you have apologized for things you have said so we do not have any real beef and i like you until i am shown or proven wrong.
Hash - 9.3 - You are an amazing and..


Ranking The 100 Characters 2/35

20 anthousai, Apr 18, 2018

**This is my opinion and some of these characters are irrel but worthy mentions**
Second is actual goddess Octavia Blake. Loved her from the start and will love her forever. She's an independent, badass queen who just loved Lincoln so much. Octavia has been through too much shit and everyone..


i know you see this blog

3 anthousai, Apr 18, 2018

offline stalker iYBF


i do not get why

8 Brxan, Apr 18, 2018

people think Halloween is so bad like i have hated him before but if you actually talk to him he is pretty funny and nice to be around.


bye bitch!

6 Brxan, Apr 18, 2018

29th WorkBitch

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