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  1. Luis213243
  2. Luis213243peoples voted im my design
  3. AbiMariaStarred everyone :)
  4. disgeekhurmamamoo queens
  5. LowKihi, eilish suggested this to me. o/
  6. KemberI鈥檓 merely a towns person compared to this kingdom, but I鈥檇 love a chance to join 馃憫
  7. CoachWadeHey guys please accept me!
  8. AvalonHunny do a me a favor and STOP spamming this pathetic frat to my frat mates! No one wants to join a frat with an egotistical, paranoid controlling dictator, at least that pathetic Grindr frat has 1 or 2 decent people lol don鈥檛 fucking spam my frat mates as we have a Skype chat literally making FUN of what an utter joke you are; don鈥檛 step on my toes sister, or I鈥檒l be leaving you without feet.
  9. Shimmmerxx accept me

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1 Rperduex11, Apr 23, 2019


Does anyone else remember when

4 Rperduex11, Apr 24, 2019

Wildboy12 posted his entire nude body as a full avatar design? Now his mugshot is about to be auctioned omg

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