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  1. Spinner554Wow accept me plz :((((
  2. Kyle12212hey guys, please accept me :)
  3. rossiferopuswanted to join because mamamoo
  4. tokiostar me pliss
  5. chandlerbing666hi guys
  6. chandlerbing666star me guys if you want hehe :)
  7. countrysavageplus me in guys <3
  8. EilishStar in vinda
  9. Luis213243
  10. Luis213243peoples voted im my design
  11. AbiMariaStarred everyone :)
  12. disgeekhurmamamoo queens
  13. LowKihi, eilish suggested this to me. o/
  14. KemberI鈥檓 merely a towns person compared to this kingdom, but I鈥檇 love a chance to join 馃憫
  15. CoachWadeHey guys please accept me!

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