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  1. KemberI鈥檓 merely a towns person compared to this kingdom, but I鈥檇 love a chance to join 馃憫
  2. CoachWadeHey guys please accept me!
  3. AvalonHunny do a me a favor and STOP spamming this pathetic frat to my frat mates! No one wants to join a frat with an egotistical, paranoid controlling dictator, at least that pathetic Grindr frat has 1 or 2 decent people lol don鈥檛 fucking spam my frat mates as we have a Skype chat literally making FUN of what an utter joke you are; don鈥檛 step on my toes sister, or I鈥檒l be leaving you without feet.
  4. Shimmmerxx accept me

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Survivor Edge of Extinct Spoiler..

0 Jinxh, Feb 21, 2019

I think Kelley is gonna get a negative edit that makes her seem very arrogant which could be why she loses the jury vote possibly.


the Manu tribe is kinda disgusting

2 Jinxh, Feb 21, 2019

Reem,Keith,and Wendy being discriminated against because they are different lol.
and Rick called Wendy a whirling dervish apparently which is "a member of a Turkish order of dervishes, or Sufis, whose ritual consists in part of a highly stylized whirling dance."   so basically he's making..



0 glen5544, Feb 21, 2019

Let鈥檚 go all stars!!! Let鈥檚 get sickening!!!!!!!!!


The last all star member will be..

0 glen5544, Feb 21, 2019

I鈥檓 soooo totes excited good luck everyone

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