Fraternity District One

District One will now and forevermore be known as the shining stars of Panem raising warriors and stars that rival those in the night sky.

District One is a new frat on Tengaged that encourages cooperation between members to support each other in shared endeavors such as games and reaching new color levels. We're all friends here so don't be afraid to join games together and please support your fratmates.

I. Games & Group Games
a) Please do not backstab your fratmates, this is an alliance and is intended to give you all help in games. Join games with your fratmates and try not to evict them, warn them if you do.
b) If you see a fratmate about to be ganged up on in a game and you have the resources and time to join the game, please join and work together.
c) If our frat gets the stars seat, or if one of us joins stars alone, please offer them your support and vote should they need it.

II. Fraternity
a) Do not star all aspirants, as an alliance we should take the wishes of the group as a whole into account. Only star the aspirants you have reason to believe would be a valuable asset to the group. Please explain your reasons for starring.
b) Once someone joins the frat, please go through and star all new members and any member you may have missed.
c) If we get to play in the star seat game, do not use our steals without permission. This will be a strike against you. Three strikes and you will be removed from the frat until you are deemed suitable for membership.
d) If you are caught sharing information about the frat, such as the seat, you will be immediately removed from the frat permanently.
e) You MUST ask before starring anyone, and if you star people with the intention of taking over the frat, you will be removed sooner or later.

Private Comments

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Public Comments

  1. Juliann5 Buried Chests =O
  2. FinnickI'm back! Star me!
  3. FinnickI just came online Danielle. :(
  4. Danielle43Why are you guys gonna create an ad for people to join your frat and then not star anyone in? Lmao that seems pretty stupid.
  5. lisamart1Hey ADD ME
  6. BBfreak97Please let me join your frat. I am the biggest Hunger Games fan you'll ever meet, and I always said if I lived in Panem I would be in District 1! I would love to be in this frat. Thank you for any stars!
  7. RHINO_47but fininick is from district 4 :s
  8. Matty0407hey guys. u guys should star me cuz we all play in blats games together and we could make a good alliance in it :D
  9. rockstarrcan u star me
  10. MonaManiaI think I should be a member because I <3 the hunger games, marvel, glimmer and this frat looks really loyal and fun. I'm a smart and strategic player

President of District One

Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 1

Fraternity Members

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