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  1. JeffProbsttTf
  2. WisemanI'm resigning
  3. theBRIflyingdudePlease Star Me! Would love to join. This frat looks like fuN!
  4. Wisemanplease star me !i just joined !
  5. teamjaczOh hai ;)
  6. Bryce12i have skype :)
  7. ThatLoudDodrioyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!
  8. Starycan you star me in plz
  9. AthenaaPlease do not be a meanie and neg :( Plus this! If i get it into actions I get a gift :D design/id-108423/skeleton-skin group/4787/poll/tengagers-favorite-houseguest-82057 and vote for me here
  10. Matty0407frookies anyone?
  11. miranda24star? ;)
  12. skeeterboytoy wanted me to get back in,but i dont exoect to be starred
  13. Starystar me in now plz
  14. Typhlosion37Please star me
  15. halogirl14Hi,my ffirend told me thisis a nice and trustworthy frat,can you star me in?

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Min. votes to continue: 1

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