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Fraternity Coffee With Friends

Friends don't let friends have coffee alone.

The official COFFEE WITH FRIENDS Frat.


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  1. melindaMrskkNot 0 plus
  2. ChicI am back.
  3. shawnpat7Omg hello.
  4. SweetBlossomrose1Lmfaoooooo
  5. MastaManipulator_11Hahsshbsbs
  6. ChicFaggots!!!!!
  7. Durkheim471 more vote and I can finally join this awesome frat
  8. Durkheim47Cannot wait to you <3
  9. Durkheim47Drinking coffee whilst waiting <3
  10. Durkheim47Sign me up, I am ready to play
  11. salmaanme at the bottom of the alliance
  12. salmaanMastaManipulator_11 3
  13. AliBonicoHaaay
  14. KidDrift76Cookie you ain't shit bitch
  15. KidDrift76aye look one vote

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0 Opulence, Feb 29, 2024

always makes me crease so badly, and it looks so patchy. I've used good brands too. Does anyone else have this issue? I'm new to makeup but yea. I got a foundation and not a crease or patch in sight. So i know its not my skincare routine thats causing the blotchiness

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Min. votes to continue: 1

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