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  1. FelipeSno fuck off cookie
  2. Cookie_13Can you guys give me votes?

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Post a pic of you

14 Chic, Sep 17, 2019

Or your name if I know what you look like, and I will tell you which soap character you look like hehe!
FelipeS Finn Barton but hotter
EmzThorne Samson Dingle
NotAfraid Tina Carter
Blitszims Kerry Wyatt


No title

4 FelipeS, Sep 17, 2019

Gagaluv and Randomize trying to make tengaged great again.


in exactly 17.5 hours

2 ParvatiS, Sep 16, 2019

FelipeS will have more karma then me. 馃ぎ
What should I do ? 馃懣


10 bullies.

0 FelipeS, Sep 16, 2019

1 Skype chat. 7 gifts. Who would take all?

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