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A coven /kʌvən/ usually refers to a group or gathering of witches. The word "coven" (from Anglo-Norman covent, cuvent, from Old French covent, from Latin conventum = convention) remained largely unused in English until 1921 when Margaret Murray promoted the idea, that all witches across Europe met in groups of thirteen which they called "covens".

According to Cordelia Goode, witches draw their power from light, though evidently, there are other witches lurking in the shadows of their benevolent counterparts who draw their power from dark forces, and look less human as a result.

Among the population of witches, there is always one witch per generation who possesses a class of seven powers considered to be advanced acts of magic. This witch is known as the "Supreme". Warlocks are considered to be inferior to witches, as the testosterone present within men is believed to be a known inhibitor of magical ability, impeding access to the ethereal realm. For this reason, no warlock has ever risen to the ranks of Alpha, but the warlocks believe that one among them would eventually usurp the Supremacy.

✌ The Seven Wonders ✌

All Supremes are assumed to have demonstrated these abilities during their ascension to the Supremacy.

⫸ Telekinesis - Doing more than 120 with 100 seconds in Find me.
⫸ Concilium - Doing more than 120 with 100 seconds in Sum me.
⫸ Pyrokinesis - Win one time of all the games in Tengaged.
⫸ Divination - Doing more than 120 with 100 seconds in Count me.
⫸ Transmutation - Doing more than 120 with 100 seconds in Zoo.
⫸ Vitalum Vitalis - Doing more than 120 with 100 seconds in Words.
⫸ Descensum - Being a TV Stars. (Reach all the levels)

Conduct Rules:
៚ Dress black whenever possible.
៚ Do not play against your Coven sisters, otherwise you will be burned alive.
៚ You can challenge the Supreme or take the Seven Wonders Test. Just print out your scores, show it to the coven and publicly gain dominance over wonders.

Telekinesis Controllers (Find Me):
⚔ Corsi.
⚔ AnahLeandrin.
⚔ Tata251.

Concilium Controllers (Sum me):
⚔ Tata251.

Pyrokinesis Controllers (All winners):

Divination Controllers (Count me):
⚔ Tata251.

Transmutation Controllers (Zoo):
⚔ AnahLeandrin.
⚔ RainnFreeze.

Vitalum Vitalis Controllers (Words):

Descensum Controllers (TV Stars - All levels):
⚔ Corsi.

༺ Actual Members of the Coven:
☬ Corsi - Whatsapp: +55 16 98105-4533 (Controller of two wonders).
☬ AnahLeandrin - Whatsapp:+55 14 99851-3323 (Controller of two wonders).
☬ Tata251 - Whatsapp: +55 83 8721-6999 (Controller of three wonders).
☬ RainnFreeze - Whatsapp: +55 83 9696-8608 (Controller of one wonder).

༺ In memory:

꧁ The current supreme of this Coven is the user Corsi.꧂

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