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  1. systrix2 more votes <3
  2. systrixik im not that pretty in my avatar but i really really want to be in this fraternity <3
  3. mrbarnishSTAR ME IN
  4. Survivor_fanpage123vote for me i’ll be pretty eventually i promise
  5. mbarnish1BRENWELL
  6. gabrieltrezzaI just HAD to
  7. LovelyKissi was told..
  8. mbarnish1this is a really cute frat
  9. Akeriaew ok don’t star me in this frat is cancelled
  10. SeongWooWe all need an asian (avatar) friend. Kisses
  11. SeongWooI need to buy a raffle ticket please
  12. InstagramI need to buy a raffle ticket please.
  13. IceBeast#IceBeastWasHere

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So Tragic

2 AmandaBynes, Jan 19, 2020

I can’t believe I got nommed because I’m Australian, hasn’t my country been through enough lately??
Save me if you can/wish!


No title

2 AmandaBynes, Jan 20, 2020

Live in: 🇦🇺
Born in: 🇦🇺
Parents: 🇦🇺
I've been to:..


post ur honest opinion about me

14 Maxi1234, Jan 19, 2020

and i’ll post mine about u.
i’ll match the length of yours... so get typing twinkies!


Kelly is a sweetie

7 Maxi1234, Jan 19, 2020

Everyone who knows him personally can agree with that, and I can say that he’s one of the FEW people with sincerity on this whole site
He ain’t perfect but at least he doesn’t pretend to be someone else and accepts the fact he isn’t 100% correct.
A star in my eyes, forever.


I wanna get my ass waxed so bad

2 Maxi1234, Jan 19, 2020

my friend told me she'd volunteer to do it too
like imagine how cute my bum would be???? ALL SHINY AND SOFT I COULD NOT

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