Fraternity #BlogPolice Empire

⚠️Welcome to the exclusive Empire of Bløg Policing⚠️
Only the best will be accepted.

Founded : July 20th, 2015
Keeping the trolls off the Blogs Page since 2014~

✰Founder & Sheriff : McBenjamin✰

✰I pledge allegiance✰
✰To the blogs✰
✰Of the United Nations of Tengaged✰
✰And to the Blog Police✰
✰With which it stands✰
✰One perfect society✰
✰Under God✰
✰Forever free✰
✰Of bad blogs✰

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Public Comments

  1. me2013The person you seek can be found by figuring out this clue: There are 10001 reasons why I am the original STARS winner...
  2. lionsden121I thought u were better then this, this frat is fake stealing my necklace...maybe a person that commented here knows who took it..lets go to their oldest blog
  3. Kingty091hii i hope i get accepted in this fraternity it would mean alot to me
  4. sprtsgy1989Pls plus
  5. Boulder1Hey! :)
  6. crnjromeo2oww..sorry... i can wait til the frat games end :) Good Luck!
  7. crnjromeo22 more vote please :D
  8. speechlessI was once apart of this frat. Am I allowed to re-join? I think I was removed as I left Tengaged for a while..
  9. nnewman3Don't trust thundermaker because he's a traitor
  10. CaliboyGuys please Trend my name here if I win will be entered into a gift giveaway!!
  11. nnewman3Don't play with rascity he only cares about himself
  12. ArceusThis seems nice to join.
  13. VladimirPutinHello
  14. XxxKillerXxxHello
  15. FlavaPlease star me in guys

President of #BlogPolice Empire

Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 1

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