Fraternity Alpha Beta Sigma

~~~~~~~~~~Alpha Beta Sigma~~~~~~~~~~

♣ Members ♣

► Atti12
► Bix123
► Joe1110
► Admir
► BernoNavy
► Ivan1234
► Damo1990

♣ Rules ♣

► Straight A's only!
► Must be part of the Europeans or a close ally!

♣ Cheerios ♣

► Captain: Atti12
► Members: Bix123 , Admir

► Victory in the 2014/2015 Nationals Competition.

♣ Best Students ♣

► Bix123 - Straight A's
► BernoNavy- Best at not showing up to exams

♣ Football Team ♣
► Captain: Joe1110
► Members: Ivan1234 (Substitute Captain) , BernoNavy , Damo1990

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Public Comments

  1. JuniorhsHi! I really hope to join your Fraternity!!!
  2. maxiphone27what if i got a 3.8 this semester but got all As except for one B- in one class
  3. JasonXtremeIf I join will I get accepted into this prestigious Frat, cuz my marks arent straight alphas
  4. TheJoeBernoNavy (Currently Suspended)
  5. Admirvote me in bitches
  6. atti12Well here's 5 points for BB Eu

Top blogs from Alpha Beta Sigma


Gosh this cast is crazy

1 joe1110, Jan 23, 2019

Last year we had more fans which made them play more like actual casts, this year we got crazy people, and so far it aint that good cs feels like only 4-5 people are playing the game #cbbus2


Finished Survivor Marquesas

6 joe1110, Jan 23, 2019

Ok for an early season this wasnt that bad. It was predictable at times, but the whole finish was not as predictable, so in general it was ok.
As the F2 goes, it was fine but Kathy was robbed. In F2 I wasn't sure who I'm rooting for before FTC, felt like Vecepia had better social game, but Neleh..


I love Tom

0 joe1110, Jan 22, 2019

hope he stays, hes very funny #cbbus



2 joe1110, Jan 23, 2019

How does Kato have a veto?


Did Anthony really quit or

3 joe1110, Jan 23, 2019

is he having 'an asthma attack' like Omarosa last year lol #cbbus2

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