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Fraternity Allies Anyone?

Stick with us in games because we will get you far
Also if you are an aspirant and want to be starred in please mail me (maturo) or if you are a white level please blog about it so I know you want in. I don't really check the aspirants that much!

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  1. michland143 Hello if you are interested, please join to my blog game - RuPaul Drag Race
  2. JetebowLet em jn
  3. Scodawg79Hello, can I get in
  4. SURVIV0RHey guys vote me please 馃挍
  5. Rockrac89Vote me innnnn
  6. PaigeScavoStars
  7. RudeBoy02Hello
  8. PaigeScavostar me in
  9. systrixstar me in
  10. Thomas23ismHope I get stars <3
  11. AdmmbrownCan I get started in please
  12. AdmmbrownHello what's up everyone
  13. AdmmbrownStar me in peeps . I'm back and ready to play daily
  14. Elio86You are invited to join Elio's Big Brother 1! This will be a relatively short group game, perfect for someone looking for a quick but professional and enjoyable Big Brother group game experience. Applications are open now! If you have questions please just let me know!
  15. KylerartPlease vote for me

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Favorite Moments Big Brother 1

0 ryguy1997, Apr 17, 2021

I tried to remember a moment from this one and the only really funny one I could come up with was Mega telling Brittany 鈥渄on鈥檛 write Cheques your a** can鈥檛 cash
Whenever I get to other seasons I鈥檒l have a better one!


Godfrey You are Safe

2 ryguy1997, Apr 17, 2021

Anyone else loved this gem?  Godfrey was a boss. Should鈥檝e beaten Sarah in BBCan 3

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