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Stick with us in games because we will get you far
Also if you are an aspirant and want to be starred in please mail me (maturo) or if you are a white level please blog about it so I know you want in. I don't really check the aspirants that much!

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  1. Suzetteoop ii lost a vote
  2. Suzettesomeone gift me a shirt?
  3. KaylaaSDone suzette
  4. Suzette can you guys go on this chatzy and click the link for donations to play frookies? thx
  5. BIgBoiBanana12hey i need 9 thx
  6. SuzetteI need four more votes to become a fraternity member
  7. KaylaaSSame lol
  8. joshgillespiehi! i would appreciate it if you voted me in! :D
  9. CruelSummerhello everybody
  10. Paige54Allies anyone?
  11. unkownI tried little monsters rip
  12. tokiostar me plss
  13. ryguy1997Thanks everyone
  14. ryguy1997Allies anyone
  15. burnt_breadHow do I get votes?

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Hypocrisy at its finest.

9 Kelly0412, Jul 4, 2020

So last night i was voted out in M&Ns Survivor: All-Winners. I was swap fucked on a tribe with the opposing alliance and we didnt really like each other so its not like a huge blow to my ego, HOWEVER the thing that bothers me is, the other target during the vote was Iceey who has..


Ranking Billboard #1 Hits (2010-)..

5 mathboy9, Jul 3, 2020

for the first time in this blog series i wrote an installment when i said i would
80. Kelly Clarkson - Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) [2012]
3 weeks at #1
Kelly C is my basic white queen so it HURTS me to put her only #1 this decade so low but it's one of the worst songs on that..


I like you but

12 Paige54, Jul 3, 2020

Fistiona calling s73100 a pedo is a fucking stretch. Last time I checked Sam wasn't flirting with Bryan in any way, shape, or form. That being said, even if he was flirting with Bryan, a whole whopping 2 year age difference is NOT PEDOPHILIA. That's really discrediting..

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