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  1. VivilotaHey I'm aspirant here, can you vote for me? I need 6 votes!
  2. PrinceVansWill someone be my ally pls
  3. Vivilotahelloo
  4. FedeBennaHello maturo!! ^^
  5. Paraloxi want friends
  6. Paraloxhello

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I am thriving in quarantine

5 Fetish, Apr 3, 2020

I’ve been soooo productive. I’ve been studying for my college entrance exam, doing my taxes, doing my paperwork, filing for EI and cashing those cheque’s, working on my summer body, cleaning my house, practicing my makeup, creating my dream board, racking insta followers, lost 5lbs, and have..


Lexeyjane rejected me

8 Fetish, Apr 3, 2020

But I’m not going to give up so easily


pyn and i'll say something about you..

9 lmaobrit2214, Apr 4, 2020

lexeyjane - you're nice from what i've seen!!
zoon - you've been nice to me but im kinda glad i left wsg i can only really handle a couple gc's at once and also it's SO dramatic so
Kindred7 - you're one of my favs on this site now be honored and also..


I cannot believe

2 mathboy9, Apr 3, 2020

how HIGH the point cutoff to get to top blogs is rn. I feel like we're back in 2015


My goal

4 Fetish, Apr 3, 2020

Is to reach 200 gifts by my birthday, April 27th
Can I do it?

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Min. votes to continue: 3

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