Fraternity #ALANOR


Alan: the cute; emotional; funny one

Connor: the smart; attractive; “nice” one

We have many fans who ship us!

List of our fans:

Not Bryce anymore. Just Paige now.

Paige left too. So did Connor.

It’s just me now.

Never mind Paige is back.

Also never mind connor is not the nice one. Alan is (:

Connor is back. That was so wild.

Now maturo is here. Probably to steal another one of alan’s girlfriends. That never gets old.

Foxtrot Stans us so hard becoming our third LOYAL fan *glares at bryce12*

P.S. sorry foxtrot this took me so long to update I’m a stupid idiot

Crimsonteer has joined the club because he isn’t woke on the fact that stanning alanor is like stanning stale bread. Really, Crimson?

(just kidding pls stan alanor. Pls......)

Paige is gone girl 2 the sequel about a girl who disappears because her best Friend comes out as gay

Literally every single person left the frat. We have no fans. Not even connor supports alanor. It’s sad.

Connor is back which makes me happy cuz I thot alanor was canceled for a second ...

Samuel is here now probably to do nothing but trouble HA

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  1. peace123If ur a cute boy and reading this please hit me up I need a boyfriend
  2. alanb1Ew I’d rather be alone
  3. peace123star me in fat
  4. peace123lmfao r u taylor swift cuz ur alone and everyone hates u rofl.
  5. Paige54Purdie go away
  6. FoxtrotI ship (:
  7. GoodKarenPurdie is such an iconic ship I'd join their frat
  8. purdiePurdie is such an iconic ship I'd join their frat
  9. Paige54Purrie go away
  10. ParvatiSPurdie is such an iconic ship I'd join their frat
  11. peace123star me back in stupid faghets
  13. Paige54LOL
  14. peace123Felipaige is such an iconic ship I'd join their frat
  15. FelipeShi

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s7 forgot the numbers is over party

4 peace123, Sep 18, 2018

who's with me


Stop tagging me

2 peace123, Sep 18, 2018

i dont know you


S "LISA" 73.

2 peace123, Sep 18, 2018

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