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Alan - The pretty and "funny" one. Likable. Former Stars winner. All the gays want to date him, all the girls wanna be him. Puts the "Anal" in Alanor, I think. Skinny legend, calls his fans "little piggies"
Connor - The actual funny one. The bad bitch. Controversial. Enjoys trolling, bullying when needed. Iconic legend. Has another personality, Joanne, who is also dating Alan "big dick bandito" b1.

GASP oh my gosh hi little piggies i am back it is b1 THE b1 THE skinny legend THE rich bitch THE number one youtube survivor player of all time except for the 35 people that made it further than me collectively in all the seasons theres probably even more than 35 but you know what its fine i am THE number one and so anyways like i was saying im the number one umm super skinny very skinny ive lost even more weight since the last time i was on the island soo basically im a force to be reckoned with last time i played the game i was BULLIED i was the victim i was the queen but mostly just the victim very perceptive of what was going on but was too honest i feel like this time around im gonna be much more careful with who i say what to im gonna im gonna go from victim to hero and its gonna be pretty iconic so you better watch you better root for me thank u so much MWAH

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Eurovision 2019 Brantsteele

0 BarbraStreisand, Mar 26, 2019

HOH: Moldova
Noms: Denmark & Malta
POV: Denmark
Noms: Malta & Italy
Evicted: Italy (20-18)
HOH: Iceland
Noms: Belarus & Montenegro
POV: Armenia
Noms: Belarus & Montenegro
Evicted: Belarus (24-13)
HOH: Switzerland
Noms: Portugal &..

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