Fraternity Affinity

~★~ Affinity; created 10/05/2014 by Oliviaxoxo
*Highest Rank- 1st!!! 30/08/2014

A frat for friendly people who bring no drama and want to build strong, lasting friendships ♥

Frat Awards 2014


◇Please make sure to star all members

◇Please don’t star any aspirants until the President says so (we’ll discuss as a group who to star in)

◇Frat games will be organised for fun here are 5 points!

◇There is NO rule that members must work together in normal games

◇Please request to join the group linked bellow

◇If you have skype, then add mine and i can add you to the skype frat chat!



◇No aspirants will be starred in until the game has finished

◇Frat members, please comment what frat you have guessed in the private comments

◇ To make it fair to everyone, please only guess once so others in the frat get a chance

◇ Don't talk about the game with anyone outside of the frat, just ignore mails/skype messages and don't fall for the 'i will gift you' trick

◇ IF we're lucky enough to win, we shall do a poll and we can vote as a frat who we want to send in




◇As a frat, we have decided to bring polls back! We will make polls for anyone who expresses interest in joining by either mailing the president or 2 people who will be in charge of helping with the polls (Smoothstalker12 & Arris)

◇This will give the frat members an opportunity to anonymously voice their opinions on aspirants

◇ In the mean time, feel free to mail any members and get to know us :)

It's been fun Affinity, thank you! :) ♥


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Public Comments

  1. OliviaxoxoMiss this frat < 333
  2. KatarinaDuCouteaurip
  3. JuliannBuried Treasure
  4. DillyDallyStar me in please
  5. DillyDallySTAR ME IN
  6. iiKxnnyBomg star me pls!!! i had 3 and now i have 2
  7. BrandontehstickYou guys should wear black cause everyone is slaying you to death.
  8. GoodKaren
  9. nicknackIm friends with lots of u can I play
  10. iiKxnnyBi lost 2 stars
  11. bradyspaulding16Where's Olivia?
  12. erich5643wow I had 5 stars but someone unstarred me and I have 4....omg pls star me!!!!!!!
  13. iiKxnnyBvote me pls
  14. Stupendousim leavin
  15. JasonXtremebest frat

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Min. votes to continue: 1

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