Fraternity A Coven

By definition a Coven is a gathering.
A gathering of a close-knit individuals.

We stick together and are bonded through blood.
To break the bond of a Coven is unforgivable.

Join the Coven.
Let's make some magic.

Your Supreme: Screamfan0061

Coven Rules:

1. Do not betray the Coven
2. Respect all within the Coven
3. Even though we are one we can share different opinions
4. Star everyone

Stars Seat Rules:

1. Everyone gets one guess first
2. Save the last guess until the last minute
3. As the Supreme of this Coven, I reserve the right to choose whoever to go into the Stars game

Break a rule and be burned at the stake (Metaphorically of course)

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I am a child of the night

0 Thirteen, Mar 20, 2018

and the shadow of the light.


Tonight was great.

0 Thirteen, Mar 20, 2018

One of the greatest evenings I have had in a while. A special thanks to one of you for providing superb material on the blogs page which helped my imagination run wild. You know who you are.



0 Thirteen, Mar 20, 2018

Good night to the unholy and the innocent alike. I will be back for more tomorrow.



1 Thirteen, Mar 21, 2018


President of A Coven

Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 1

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