Fraternity 13 Reasons Why Returns

13 Reasons Why Returns Frat:
Based The On Popular Netflix Series Season 1, 2, 3 and the final season 4 to be released in 2020.

**WHITE LEVELS only Accepted
On A Referal Basis**

We as a frat MUST support other members playing stars.

***Members that have been evicted there has been a new rule implemented by randomize. If you're offline for a certain amount of time you will be evicted from the FRAT.

As a frat we must help our fellow frat members with designs, blogs, and games. We must plus and let them know as #13reasonswhyreturns we stand as one.

Frat members having disputes with fellow members MUST REFRAIN from posting differences in private comments. Failing this you may be asked to leave. Message the person and try and sort it out.

Sometimes we all may struggle.

in the U.S., call the TeenLine at (800) 852-8336. It’s free, confidential, and available from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM, Pacific Time, seven days a week.

In the UK, call the helpline for children and teens at 0800 1111.

In Australia, call the 24-hour helpline at 13 11 14.

In Canada, call the helpline at 1-800-668-6868.
to speak in confidence to someone who can understand and help you deal with your feelings. To find a suicide helpline

outside the U.S., visit IASP or
To report online child predators if they're sending you graphic photos

Frat games for charities highly recommended.

When discussing 13 Reasons Why in blogs please #hashtag #13reasonswhy as this will help group discussion.

FRAT SEAT: The last shot should only be taken within the last hour to 1 min.
(Members wishing to take the last shot must nominate)
A correct guess will not count against your four attempts.
You may only take two in a row. Four all up.

President- Obey_me
Deputy Vice Presidents Chael
Games Coordinator Rosemount
Recruiting & Mailing Obey_me
Frat seat mrnorris

Any suggestions are welcome.

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  1. obey_meYes Life I will get you starred in.
  2. LifeiscoolIdk if I’m cute enough to join
  3. JoinhaHi
  4. NNN333nigger
  5. BostonRob524Love 13RW! Can I join :)
  6. obey_mePlease star in Caju.
  7. GaumzeePlease guus give me votes so i can join in
  8. Gaumzee@skimmilk helpnme to get votes
  9. Gaumzee
  10. kyleddCan I come?
  11. obey_me☆☆☆PLEASE STAR NIKKI47 IN☆☆☆☆☆☆
  12. nikki47Would love and appreciate all your star ins and to support me in stars <3 Im nominated right now :(
  13. nikki47Hey guys!
  14. axalactyl1X1FUCK BRYCE KEESH STAR ME IN.

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im laughing so hard

2 DaddyDev, Feb 18, 2020

colehausman271 1 min ago
I owe you cool!
bitches hate multis so much until 2 of them swoop in and save him against ms sawchuk55 for 13th and he is suddenly ok with them.


Update On My Music Group Games

0 hellocat, Feb 18, 2020

The Big Break will not be Coming back just so you know
I'm a Celeb Season 2 is currently in talks whether or not it will happen, if it would then it would come out In October at latest
Can U Sing will be Making a Return!! With a whole new Judging Panel (Sorry Chris, Sea & Michael 😂). It..



5 skimmilk4, Feb 18, 2020

Are even friends



2 DaddyDev, Feb 18, 2020

If you think 'cause you lock yourself in a bunch of final 2s 'cause of your POV wins that you are a good player, you are delusional. There is a few bitches on this site that SWEARRRRRRR they are good at frooks but bitches lock in most of their final 2s through winning every POV. Make it to the end..

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Min. votes to continue: 4

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