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1411infernoinfernoby sportsguy11Fox's Frat1Points1Members
1412The FameThe Fameby HollieCavanaghWe Live for THE FAME1Points1Members
1413sheepsheepby chockablockSheep Baa Sheep Baa1Points1Members
1414The Actives :)The Actives :)by JamiePughanyone who joins must active every day1Points1Members
1415GleeksGleeksby emearg112Fanatics of the TV show GLEE!1Points1Members
1416The SlutsThe Slutsby AnaweirA fraternity that welcomes everyone and will be run by Bryce12!1Points1Members
1417The IlluminatiThe Illuminatiby KoKoKachooIs The Evil in You?1Points1Members
1418~Victorious Secret~~Victorious Secret~by itsepideeralThe Most Fierce.Sexy.Intellectual. Where the BEST get together to conquer the REST <31Points1Members
1419OhanaOhanaby cherrybomb_19981Points1Members
1420Black Women UnitedBlack Women Unitedby HeyBabe22Its Getting Too Spicy For The Pepper1Points1Members
1421The Pink PunksThe Pink Punksby jessmomReality University 1Points1Members
1422Big Brother 14 FansBig Brother 14 Fansby reagangriffinBig Brother 14 FANS!1Points1Members
1423California GurlsCalifornia Gurlsby rozichkaWere Unforgettable~1Points1Members
1424CornfieldCornfieldby GillexR.I.P. corn (bad rain season)1Points1Members
1425C00KIE MONSTERSC00KIE MONSTERSby CandaceCottonCandyFattest bitches in town ;)1Points1Members

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