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61#RackCity#RackCityby dav_o_79100 Deep, V.I.P, No Guest List.72Points5Members
62Ho SistasHo Sistasby FetishWhere the baddest bitches live 71Points9Members
63MoonlightMoonlightby Hannah_Banks2250ʎɹɔ oʇ ʇɟǝl sɹɐǝʇ ou71Points8Members
64Mama ShirleyMama Shirleyby BalnearioCamboriuLook good.70Points7Members
65The Black BettiesThe Black Bettiesby beccajo16Icons Only68Points6Members
66Stark NationStark Nationby ohheydudeskiThe North Remembers68Points6Members
67Group game playersGroup game playersby lionsden121A frat for people who enjoy group games. Maybe we can get hosts to post when they are hosting group games here.67Points9Members
68#ALANOR#ALANORby alanb1❤️ 12/27/17 ❤️67Points6Members
69Midnight CrewMidnight Crewby EliOrtiz1234Welcome to the mansion. 67Points5Members
70HomoErectUsHomoErectUsby EtienneUn groupe formé par Etienne et Markus.67Points7Members
71Hilary DuffHilary Duffby nicknack#hilary201666Points5Members
72HomeHomeby cocainitadrug's house ♥64Points10Members
73Powerful GirlsPowerful Girlsby EvitaaLauritos & cia64Points7Members
74Only onesOnly onesby xAndrex 63Points5Members
75HeartbreakersHeartbreakersby silas86Rule #1: You gotta have fun63Points7Members

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