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61Team LoyalTeam Loyalby JaylinLoyalty is everything.63Points5Members
62ACTIVESACTIVESby tannerandkalebwe bring the drama :)62Points6Members
63LaughterLaughterby m7md26Just Laugh Out Loud62Points5Members
64VagabundaVagabundaby Blitszims60Points9Members
65Anime ClubAnime Clubby KopycatFor lovers and followers of Anime! 59Points7Members
66FEMMEBOTSFEMMEBOTSby cassie_xo57Points6Members
67The Lion's PackThe Lion's Packby lanikaiThe Lion's Pride57Points5Members
68Stark NationStark Nationby ohheydudeskiThe North Remembers57Points5Members
69Survival of The BritishSurvival of The Britishby MartaGH12_The queens of paradiseee57Points8Members
70IlluminescenceIlluminescenceby WhitneyStar119Shining Brighter, Higher Than The Rest☀56Points7Members
71Danish EmpireDanish Empireby MaggieMed lov skal man land bygge56Points4Members
72I Like This FratI Like This Fratby Unit8890Who Made This Frat? #DumbGingerWonStars56Points8Members
73The Black BettiesThe Black Bettiesby beccajo16Icons Only54Points4Members
74Bandit Brother 3.0Bandit Brother 3.0by aaronstevens444454Points4Members
75Hilary DuffHilary Duffby nicknack#hilary201654Points4Members

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  18. Forever Alone Forever Alone
  19. The Gentlemen's Club The Gentlemen's Club
  20. The Cool Kids The Cool Kids