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1531WichzWichzby ellie12345This is @mbhgi72's frat so don't even :p1Points1Members
1532The Shield Inc.The Shield SilentGamerI <3 my frat - run by JUJU22!!!!!1Points1Members
1533The Bad Girls ClubThe Bad Girls Clubby heygirlheyyoshi***INVITE ONLY***BEING BAD JUST GOT GOOD1Points1Members
1534G.A.YG.A.Yby GrahamC<<< LICK HIS ABS1Points1Members
1535Beyond InfinityBeyond Infinityby zorthomisA fraternity that welcomes everyone and will be run by Infinity!1Points1Members
1536NEW DAWNNEW DAWNby dezibooLL4L1Points1Members
1537District 14District 14by ewmflamingfireWE ARE ONE!!!!!!1Points1Members

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