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1516Stealth "R" UsStealth "R" Usby bboyTACOguyAll Members get a nickname!1Points1Members
1517RavenclawRavenclawby colphin13"Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw, If you've a ready mind, Where those of wit and learning, Will always find their kind."1Points1Members
1518GODNEY'S WARRIORSGODNEY'S WARRIORSby jake22Supporting our Queen, Britney Spears.1Points1Members
1519Night SurfersNight Surfersby kevstar1231Points1Members
1520UnderDogsUnderDogsby jacob123jb...............1Points1Members
1521CourageCourageby Nightcrawler5Brave. Successful. Smart. COURAGEOUS.1Points1Members
1523The Tak3Over FratThe Tak3Over Fratby mirandaInvites Only.........................1Points1Members
1524The AbominationThe Abominationby EffieTrinket12SELENATORS OF TENGAGED1Points1Members
1525It's Time for a ChangeIt's Time for a Changeby robertcain1Points1Members
1526Turn Up The RadioTurn Up The Radioby JoaoR1Points1Members
1527EmeraldsEmeraldsby BartSimpson♦We The Green Shiners♦1Points1Members
1528Blue FlameBlue Flameby AmberLola1Points1Members
1529#BottomBitches#BottomBitchesby bitterbee17We da bottom bitchez xo 1Points1Members
1530#FingerBanged 2.0#FingerBanged 2.0by xItsMandxOh he didnt screw me he FINGER banged me1Points1Members

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