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Purple Haze

Backgrounds Nov 28, 2022 by gagaluv
Purple HazeWinter Background.............


You couldve named this Lavender Haze and the Taylor Swift fans wouldve ate this up
Missed opportunity, but still beautiful +14
Sent by Cecilia581, on Nov 28, 2022
I think prince has a song called purple haze
Sent by Kiki4ever, on Nov 28, 2022
I'm gonna be seeming like a smartass here but actually Kiki, Prince's song is called Purple Rain and I actually have a design named after it here: (Had to plug it)

Also, Taylor Swift's album/song was just released and is current. Prince's song was released in 1984.
Sent by Cecilia581, on Nov 28, 2022
Love this
Sent by countrysavage, on Nov 29, 2022

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