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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

just played cards against humanity

Jun 13, 2014 by zimdelinvasor
with artpop and my sister and another person who isn't on this site

and oh my god it was great there were so many good moments

i finally got to play the Patti Mayonnaise card like i've always wanted to

and one game went 8-7-7-6... one point away from being as close and as long as a game can possibly get

good times


Artpop is the devil
Sent by Brandonator,Jun 13, 2014
i was too funny for my own good
Sent by ARTPOP,Jun 13, 2014
you met up with artpop?
Sent by andyfuck09,Jun 13, 2014
brandonator ok veronica
Sent by ARTPOP,Jun 13, 2014
andyfuck09 played online
Sent by zimdelinvasor,Jun 13, 2014
oh it's much more fun in person zimdelinvasor.  It's a great game.
Sent by andyfuck09,Jun 13, 2014

I mean maybe but playing online is easier to do and it has every single pack that's ever been released plus fan packs, so you can mix and match tons of different cards.
Sent by karolusmagnus,Jul 13, 2014

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