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  1. in a class about social issues and shit
  2. I just purged my Skype contact list
  4. just played cards against humanity
  5. Going through all of my blogs from the beginning..
  6. if you google The Glass House
  7. idk why we're blogging this
  8. i went on pokemonshowdown
  9. A blog
  10. what is up
  11. Survivor Thai Sun Land Rewatch - DONE.
  12. Survivor Thai Sun Land Rewatch - ep 11
  13. Survivor Thai Sun Land Rewatch - ep 10
  14. Survivor Thai Sun Land Rewatch - ep 9
  15. holy hell aggron has an expansive movepool
  16. my brother and dad wanted me to make a march..
  17. there is absolutely no experience
  18. I love this song so much
  19. Ramona's Curse lives.
  20. ....they just lost
  21. dancing in my chair to this song in such a manner
  22. it won't let me remove this blog
  23. watched literally three seconds of the red wedding
  24. Man, what a good episode!
  25. i just saw naked j'tia pictures
  26. Completed my unevolved run on Pokemon FireRed!
  27. catelyn is cool
  28. wow okay so
  29. .
  30. .
  31. Lillian Morris hatred is a fucking disease
  32. New Game of Thrones season four trailer
  33. g
  34. it won't let me remove this blog
  35. i can't wait for
  36. "i'm talking to god, lord... i mean..
  38. There's a house.. built out.. in space............
  39. My current FireRed team
  40. purged my friends list a little bit

"And to quote a very wise old man,

Aug 30, 2012 by zimdelinvasor
you will always be Judas.

.....................that was supposed to be funny :s"


Jerry isn't wise
Sent by ILoveSleep,Aug 30, 2012
Lol that was a fail as the audience was even shocked..
Sent by Survivorfan1111,Aug 31, 2012
i laughed tbh
Sent by porschefan101,Aug 31, 2012
porschefan101 i chuckled and then i laughed super hard once the audience was like "...."
Sent by zimdelinvasor,Sep 1, 2012

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