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in a class about social issues and shit Apr 11, 2015
we have to post three questions in an online discussion board by halfway through the week and then answer someone else's by the start of the next class

this week's topic is feminism. everyone in my class is male. i didn't have high hopes here.

so far two of the people's question lists have included "do feminists REALLY want equality or do they want power OVER men? they really just hate men, don't they?"

...white males are so frustrating that sometimes i forget i am one is2g

it's times like these that i have to consciously remind myself of the straight white males i know who AREN'T idiots about these topics
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I just purged my Skype contact list Oct 30, 2014
I removed all the many people I added in my years on this site and never talked to

And some who I just haven't talked to in forever

I counted up to 100 and then stopped, I probably removed like over 200 and now I feel like Coco Peru in the "Coco Plays Grand Theft Auto 5" video when she's like "I just killed, like, hundreds of people..."

Anyways my point is, if I removed you, SORRY don't take it as a personal slight it just means we haven't Skyped in 5ever or I didn't recognize your current display name. You are more than welcome to re-add me if you want. ^_^
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YOU GUYS Oct 1, 2014
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just played cards against humanity Jun 13, 2014
with artpop and my sister and another person who isn't on this site

and oh my god it was great there were so many good moments

i finally got to play the Patti Mayonnaise card like i've always wanted to

and one game went 8-7-7-6... one point away from being as close and as long as a game can possibly get

good times
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Going through all of my blogs from the beginning of time. May 30, 2014
Some of them are entertaining.

Mostly I just want to delete the ones that are exceptionally embarrassing or have bad opinions

I talked like a pretentious fuck when I was 13-14 years old
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if you google The Glass House Apr 8, 2014
it takes until over halfway down page four for anything relating to the tv show to come up, and then nothing else on it comes up until just one more thing on page five

e for effort ABC
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