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  1. So,
  2. If you ever feel like shit
  3. When people tailgate me
  4. UGh.
  5. I wanna spread good vibes
  6. I gave my boyfriend my old macbook air
  7. Got my new MacBook Pro today
  8. Im ready to see Halloween on Sunday
  9. Is this seasons of AHS
  10. Shes a LESBIAN
  11. Tengaged alphabet
  12. Some people
  13. Beautiful, dirty dirty rich rich
  14. Whats your longest relationship?
  15. Doing laundry is so annoying
  16. Being retarded
  17. Theres nothing wrong with being
  18. Is calling someone retarded bannable?
  19. I just drank 10 Kombuchas
  20. Good morning!
  21. God I miss Big Ang
  22. At the end of the day,
  23. No title
  24. I cant even
  25. Pray to god every night
  26. LMAO calling me a cheater
  27. Lmao
  28. I am a born again Christian
  29. Microwavable
  30. I dont need Xanax
  31. PYN
  32. I can't wait until this obsessive episode
  33. Who is
  34. Lmfao
  35. Also
  36. Back from a ban
  37. Anyone else
  38. Do you ever
  39. I got kicked out of my house
  40. Anyone else have OCD?

I need to

Feb 9, 2018 by zachbbs
summers eve douche.


your blog pic is so iconic
Sent by Batya,Feb 9, 2018

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