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  1. This is definitely
  2. Sun in pisces - Moon in Taurus
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  5. 7 more for hunger
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  8. I need something to suck on
  9. Im so fucking tired
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  11. Ya'lls pussys
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  13. Everytime I get depressed
  14. LOL
  15. <3 Hawaiian Pizza <3
  16. Anyone that watches Wendy Williams,
  17. I have a B in my online
  19. Ive been harassed into
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  34. I need to get some of the fish
  35. Literally,
  36. I love my 600lb life
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  40. Why won't anyone join hunger


Feb 9, 2018 by zachbbs
About 2 months ago, I quit smoking weed. And last night, my friend and I got really stressed and just decided to smoke. I HAD A FULL SCALE PANIC ATTACK, I started shaking and I literally felt like I was going to go full on psychotic.  I was insanely scared. I am terrified of the thought of smoking weed now, and I don't think ill ever be able to do it again. Glad I quit.


I hope my fave cthuhlu is okay
Sent by CrimsonEnnui,Feb 9, 2018
we've all been there man you just need to be in the right state of mind
Sent by Spicoli,Feb 9, 2018
Sounds like my first time smoking lol. I fell down my friends steps and broke a mirror, felt my heart beating out my chest, and woke up in a strangers house without my shoes and no idea where my car was.
Sent by underwzc,Feb 9, 2018
Yeah some people get that when they start back smoking again.
Sent by Danger,Feb 9, 2018

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