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  4. Just found out
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  6. Angela
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  9. I’m sorry Natalie Nunn lovers
  10. Happy Birthday Sam!
  11. Am I the only one
  12. As a viewer
  13. Omg Montana From Love Island
  14. So what’s going down
  15. The girl Jax cheated on Brittany
  16. I feel bad for BBCan6
  17. Aw natalie
  18. Cbb is a joke this season
  19. Kinda shook at noms
  20. Rachel Johnson was robbed
  21. I know Ann Widdecombe
  22. So I got my dad into BBCAN
  23. Courtney Act & Andrew Brady
  24. What happened to Eddie on The Challenge
  25. Andrew over Elizabeth for CBBUK
  26. Elizabeth from The Apprentice UK
  27. I'm Happy
  28. Who's ready 2 See Toff
  29. Cheap wine
  30. I just think
  31. My friend got me a free ticket to jingle ball
  32. I need Grace to win X Factor tonight
  33. What level 2 play stars?
  34. I wanna go on a bar crawl today
  35. Ex On The Beach USA Cast
  36. Who watches I'm A Celeb
  37. X Factor format
  38. Open house for
  39. This is old news
  40. If you were on AYTO who'd you want

The girl Jax cheated on Brittany

Mar 7, 2018 by yummy
W/ on Vanderpump Rules is on the potential shortlist for the Challenge and so is Angela & Kristina BGC Twisted Sisters , they’re running out of people I swear.



uh its good they getting other ppl
Sent by BritishRomeo17,Mar 7, 2018
BritishRomeo17 no I absolutely agree! But it’s  just random to have people from Vanderpump & BGC and they be the choices just imo.
Sent by yummy,Mar 7, 2018

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