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  1. As a viewer
  2. Omg Montana From Love Island
  3. So what’s going down
  4. The girl Jax cheated on Brittany
  5. I feel bad for BBCan6
  6. Aw natalie
  7. Cbb is a joke this season
  8. Kinda shook at noms
  9. Rachel Johnson was robbed
  10. I know Ann Widdecombe
  11. So I got my dad into BBCAN
  12. Courtney Act & Andrew Brady
  13. What happened to Eddie on The Challenge
  14. Andrew over Elizabeth for CBBUK
  15. Elizabeth from The Apprentice UK
  16. I'm Happy
  17. Who's ready 2 See Toff
  18. Cheap wine
  19. I just think
  20. My friend got me a free ticket to jingle ball
  21. I need Grace to win X Factor tonight
  22. What level 2 play stars?
  23. I wanna go on a bar crawl today
  24. Ex On The Beach USA Cast
  25. Who watches I'm A Celeb
  26. X Factor format
  27. Open house for
  28. This is old news
  29. If you were on AYTO who'd you want
  30. Every1 loved Chrissy until she took control
  31. .
  32. I don't think what Ryan did was stupid
  33. I Hate Kareem
  35. I think Rak-Su are the next big group
  36. I don't Disagree W/ Sharon's Choices
  37. What should I buy for my new place?
  38. Ew Kayleigh BBUK18/EOTB
  39. I miss Love Island :((
  40. Major BBUK withdrawals rn

The girl Jax cheated on Brittany

Mar 7, 2018 by yummy
W/ on Vanderpump Rules is on the potential shortlist for the Challenge and so is Angela & Kristina BGC Twisted Sisters , they’re running out of people I swear.



uh its good they getting other ppl
Sent by BritishRomeo17,Mar 7, 2018
BritishRomeo17 no I absolutely agree! But it’s  just random to have people from Vanderpump & BGC and they be the choices just imo.
Sent by yummy,Mar 7, 2018

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