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My issue with Tengaged

18thApr 17, 2021 by yoshicoolman
is that people do not understand the separation between friendships outside the game and friendships within the game. Ever since I joined the ORG community (especially the Skype one), I find it fun to backstab my friends. I know that may be surprising to some, but I literally am okay with driving 2 hours to hang out with someone at Disney and then proceed to be backstabbed in the ORG I am. I feel like this website has taught me very poor morals regarding games.

What is the fun in joining with the same people every game just to continuously work with them? For example, in PFL the same ~60 people join. I see manafa in every game I am in. Sometimes I gun for him to get 13th. Sometimes he will backstab me at 6th. Sometimes we are eachothers' final two. THAT is what is supposed to be fun with games. After seeing Chameleon777 's post regarding her backstabbing #DaddyDev, it shows what the normal "Tengager" would do. Why do you guys care so much about someone evicting you in a Roblox game... SEPERATE YOUR RELATIONSHIPS PEOPLE! We are literally GROWN!

I am not proofreading this and this is not just targeted at Dev. This is hopefully a learning experience that you should realize for the general Tengaged population.


yeah +10
Sent by Lukesaur,Apr 17, 2021
huge +
Sent by Tmag15,Apr 17, 2021
And it is how it is supossed to be. +++
Sent by manafa,Apr 17, 2021
Oh yeah if you’re actual friends with someone a tengaged game shouldn’t ruin that
Sent by konohavillage1,Apr 17, 2021
FACTS!!! People who ruin a friendship over a game are soo dumb. Like your friendship is way more important than that.
Sent by pinkiepie512,Apr 18, 2021

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