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  1. Omarosa sucks
  2. Drunk Brandi is HILAROUS
  3. League anyone?
  4. I just noticed
  5. Honestly
  6. codeine fucked me up
  7. Just posting and logging off for the night
  8. About the shooting...
  9. Horny and craving Pizza :X
  10. I love being ignored
  11. Anyone wanna call / league?
  12. Stars Tributes
  13. Looking for a Valentine
  14. Its 9:12
  15. SUPPORT CORNELIA IN STARS. Thanks for the support!
  16. Vlogs coming soon
  17. ❤ STARS UPDATE ❤
  18. Send spam
  19. ❤ STARS UPDATE ❤
  20. I have a picture
  21. good night everyone
  22. ❤ STARS UPDATE ❤
  23. im in stars for the americans
  24. hello
  25. hi
  26. Am I the only one
  27. Anyone wanna league?
  28. This hunger is so messy
  29. Anyone wanna league?
  30. Anyone wanna league?
  31. stuff me pls
  32. It’s my birthday
  33. I feel like no one wants to talk to me
  34. I need someone to talk to me
  35. losing my virginity feels so good
  36. im so bored
  37. KJ Apa's Nudes :X (Archie from Riverdale)
  38. Im Archie Andrews
  39. why do gifs not work sometimes
  40. He raped me

Its 9:12

Feb 7, 2018 by yoshicoolman
and NO ONE in stars has even talked about putting someone up....
How sad is that... bamold1999 is witnissing and can back me up with this claim


If you're in stars and have no clue at this point who is a possible nominee, you're being lied to and left out.
Sent by amartin,Feb 7, 2018
DC was literally 4 hours ago; there's no way the entire cast hasn't thought of a set yet. :|
Sent by LowKi,Feb 7, 2018
I know the possible nominee but there aren't chats, they are just sitting on their fat asses nomming Cornelia with someone else amartin Lowki
Sent by yoshicoolman,Feb 7, 2018
Welcome to stars, yoshicoolman I played twice and wont ever play again lol.
Sent by amartin,Feb 7, 2018

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