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  1. PYN for a one worded opinion
  3. do i join stars
  5. Dont want you in my bloodline yah
  6. Has anyone on this website
  7. Hey Midnight Crew
  8. There is so much mod drama on the blogs page
  9. 'Need a boyfriend
  10. You have me filtered
  11. Lets remind ourselves
  12. Honestly I get it
  13. Thank you 51.9%
  14. whos ready to save me in the morning x
  15. who wants to call
  16. Ouch
  17. This is the video he was making fun of
  18. Support me in stars VLOG
  19. Yall need to sister support
  20. We love when Bryce on call
  21. Do I pop into Stars ladies
  22. Can we get this trended?
  23. I heard that Cardi went POP
  24. Bitch you wish you went to Stanford
  25. Sarah’s working in FIVE alliances in 1984
  26. Having cancer isn’t an excuse
  27. hey kings
  28. Ranking Queen songs jj posted
  29. To ban someone for pedophelia
  30. I actually snapped tbh
  31. If anyone wants to work together with clues
  32. I live in Manhation
  33. Check mails
  34. Why hasn’t shops started selling?
  35. Anyone looking to play Fornite
  36. 1984 first HOH comp
  37. PYN
  38. Danger gets mad
  39. The tea about TBC
  40. Add me to skype chats

Its 9:12

Feb 7, 2018 by yoshicoolman
and NO ONE in stars has even talked about putting someone up....
How sad is that... bamold1999 is witnissing and can back me up with this claim


If you're in stars and have no clue at this point who is a possible nominee, you're being lied to and left out.
Sent by amartin,Feb 7, 2018
DC was literally 4 hours ago; there's no way the entire cast hasn't thought of a set yet. :|
Sent by LowKi,Feb 7, 2018
I know the possible nominee but there aren't chats, they are just sitting on their fat asses nomming Cornelia with someone else amartin Lowki
Sent by yoshicoolman,Feb 7, 2018
Welcome to stars, yoshicoolman I played twice and wont ever play again lol.
Sent by amartin,Feb 7, 2018

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