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So I have been MIA for literally the last three years.. I played one fasting in JAN but I just wanted to see if this site still existed. I am ready to comeback.. I really enjoyed the group survivor and big brother games. Most if not all of the groups I used to play in are dead lol literally everyone I knew in this site is gone so might as well start fresh. If anyone has a group game I can join please tell me. I want to play again, IM READY!
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Im back and I want redemption Dec 21, 2015
Hey guys I was wondering if anyone had a survivor game I could Join. Before I took a break from Group games I used to get a ton of invites to group games. But I think people may move on fast... well the point is Im really excited to comeback.
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im ready to play survivor Nov 22, 2015
Im back again and im ready to play... if any on you have any survivor groups send me a pm and we can talk thanks... im ready to win
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hey im back Jun 28, 2015
So i took a break but im back and im looking for a new survivor or bb group game to join, if you know a cool group game contact me please.. thanks
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big brother Jul 18, 2014
hey guys so ive been gone for some time and ready to comeback i want to play in a big brother group game, i was wondeing if anybody needed a person to play i their group game.... I consider myself i really good player so if your interested just comment down below or send me a pm! :)
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Im taking a break Mar 29, 2014
So hey guys, well ive decided to take a break from tengaged. Ive not played a single game in almost 3 weeks which is a lot for me and ive also not been very active. I just htink that right now im doing so much that i dont have time and i dont enjoy it as i did my first days here, On april im going to turn 1 year in tengaged! But yeah my lost season was with bingo and it was great but ive have been season after season group by group so i think i need a well deserve ""break"". I enjoy the times that tengaged gave to me and im so thankful! xoxxoo
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