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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Aug 14, 2015 by xoxokaci1
anthonyy emrose eliortiz1234 survivorrocks

I love you guys so much. I'm so glad I met you all.


ur so fucking fake
Sent by EliOrtiz1234,Aug 14, 2015
God I love you
Sent by SurvivorRocks,Aug 14, 2015
jk i love you!
Sent by EliOrtiz1234,Aug 14, 2015
xoxokaci1 I plussed this for you because you seem cool and nice! Because of that could you please tag your name here? It will only take a couple of seconds :)
Sent by aceman509,Aug 14, 2015
Wow ok @doxokac
Sent by Streaamm,Aug 14, 2015
M&N'S Survivor Hong Kong:

Congratulations! You have found the Re-Hidden Kowloon Tribe Hidden Immunity Idol! Mail this blog to Newz and I to see if you're the first to claim it!
Sent by Pieguy555,Sep 23, 2016

Dear Kaci, Happy Birthday! You are finally 21 and you are an old WOMAN! I am so lucky to have somebody like you in my life, I know you are looking forward to this blog and I really hope our kind words make you smile. I hope you have one of the best, most fun memorable nights ever and you have a blast! You are such a good friend to me, and to others on this site. You mean a lot to me and I really do hope you have the best birthday ever! Don't party too hard xx - Your Best Friend, Tyler - ItsAlexia

Kaci you are hot as hell and even though we have only called a handful of times, we already started an amazing friendship. I really hope we start calling more and playing roblox in group chats and stuff this year. Also we must play an ORG together some day and slay all the others. Have an amazing birthday girl I hope it's great! - ItsAustin


Happy Birthday Kaci :* we literally just started talking, but I really like you. You are so genuine and nice. We have some GREAT conversations. "What is a vegetable?" LMAO Love you girl. Get so wasted that the toilet is your BFF -  Druhhbby2

kaci ily so much u are a light in my life. You are one of the funniest prettiest and best people I know never change - FlickGameColin

she is so sweet and caring and she's always been a great friend to me! happy birthday and i hope your day is as special as you are!! - mathboy9

Kaci, over the few months we've known each other, I feel like every day we get closer! We are so similar it's funny: we have identical music tastes, we are both caring of friends yet fair, we even share the same birthday haha. I hope you have a fantastic birthday, I love you so much -

happy birthday beautiful!!!! < 3 you're an absolutely amazing girl and i hope you get a bday cake as sweet as you! love you, have a great day!!! < 3 - PureEssence

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KACI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope u have the best day ever. being someone i actually dont dislike is not an easy accomplishment, but youve done it nonetheless. HOPE ALL UR CHRISTMAS WISHES COME TRUE!  - Galaxies

Happy birthday pretty lady! Grats on the big 21, probably the most exciting since you're legal everywhere and you finally get to take your first sip of alcohol because you don't break the rules or anything like that, right? :P I'm super happy I got to know you ever since I got added to the MC and I can tell you're such a sweet girl with one of the biggest hearts! A hot blonde who loves Marina & The Diamonds you are obviously best friend material and I know we'd have fun together irl! Have an awesome birthday you deserve it sweets :) Love always, Jenz! - Jenzie

Happy birthday Kaci!!! You're literally one of my best friend on here and I can't wait to meet up and get drunk one day!!! Despite our ups and down lab i rlly think you're so lovely gorgeous and a great fun girl!! I hope your birthday is full of drinks friends and fun!!! Love you so much bobba!!! - OwlB0ned

Happy Birthday :) - TheRealRoseMulet

Happy Birthday Kaci! < 3 I hope you have the most fab day ever and I wish you all the best. xx - KatarinaDuCouteau

kaci i love you so much and youre such a great friend and youre so perfect and i cant wait until we meet up so i can propose to you an we can get married and have hot monkey s*x all the time ugh - taybear17

hi kaci it's you're favorite slut here to wish you the most amazing birthday ever! i haven't known you for too long but we always had so much fun together on call!!!!! im thankful you are my friend on this site and i'm so blessed to have met you!! have an amazing 21st and please don't get too drunk and pull a me......... love you girl - Ohhayy

Happy Birthday. -  Survivorrocks

Happy Birthday to one of my BFFS < 33 I love you kaci! I remember first meeting you over a year ago because you were added to my call. We started to talk right away and became close really fast and I'm glad that we did because without you I probably wouldn't be on the site anymore. We've been through a lot from going on calls everyday to fighting over random skype games and even creating the MC chat which is still there for some reason! Just know that no matter what I will always be here for you and you will always be special to me. Love you and have fun getting drunk today! :* - EliOrtiz1234
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