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Send me insults Dec 15, 2019
So I can update my bio lmao
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newest black level bitches!!! Nov 20, 2018
Points: 52 7 comments
as much as people spend real life money on this website Oct 6, 2018
i’m surprised that the owner won’t... ya know... DO MORE
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since you don’t have a life Jul 30, 2018
and you wanna @ me telling me to kill myself because you got voted out of a survivor game— would you like me to post all of the lovely things you’ve messaged me on a blog post? @RoboZoe

RoboZoe    Jul 30, 2018 14:52:06
messaging them all :)
to vote you out next :)

GL hun!

RoboZoe    Jul 30, 2018 14:59:07

you should have voted with us!

now i’m gonna do what i can to get you out since petro is going to win immunity :)

Me             Jul 30, 2018 15:05:31

lmao this is so sad. is a tengaged game the only important thing in your life? do you not have anything better to do?

RoboZoe  Jul 30, 2018 15:17:59

quit acting like it takes an hour to write to people to vote you out

it took 5 seconds to type up a message. calm down lil girl but if you want me to spend an hour typing out reasons to vote your ass out then sure :) i got you :)

Me           Jul 30, 2018 15:21:28
sorry i just don’t care about this game as much as you do. do whatever you want. i have a life.

RoboZoe   Jul 30, 2018 15:32:38

yet you’re online 0min 24/7

nice life girlie girl

Me   Jul 30, 2018 15:36:53
Sweetheart, the only way to know i'm online is if you're online. And i'm online to play the comps and replying to messages about your crazy ass. All before I have to go to work. You can stop messaging me now.

RoboZoe   Jul 30, 2018 16:59:15
hun you don’t have to be 0min all day

every time i check here you’re still online at 0min :/ sad!

Me  Jul 30, 2018 17:09:20
LMAO you keep checking on me? And i’m not at ‘0min’ all day, but even if I was, here you are, still in my inbox worried about me and what i’m doing. you’re a grown man harassing me. leave me alone

a grown ass man y'all. this is your friend? WHEW CHILE.
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