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Why Christianity is Ridiculous

8thJul 19, 2010 by xAdam93x
**I spent like, 30 minutes typing this out... please read.**

I grow up in a the Bible Belt in conservative Christian-land.  And let me tell you, it's pissing me off.  I hate going to church every Sunday and hear all this nonsense about God and Jesus.  I hate people at school and just in life in general use the Bible against me or other people, or tell me that I need to believe in God and whatnot.

The truth is, religion was an invented practice that serves us a few purposes.  These are as followed....

1) Religion gives us an idea of the unknown.  Nobody knows what happens after we die, and nobody will ever know until they experience it themselves.  People find comfort in believing they know what comes after death, so whether it's true or not, they continue to hammer religious thoughts of the afterlife into their head so they feel more comfortable about the inevitability of dying.

2) Religion gives people a sense of meaning and belonging.  So many times you've heard the story of the miserable "lost soul" who was blind without the presence of God in their lives, but once they're found religion, they've suddenly become and happy, healthy individual.  The truth is, there's nothing Godly about that.  It's simply the sense of belonging and meaning that was brought to this person's life because of the church community and the false ideals of what life is about.  Being apart of a community that is based on religion makes people feel good, which in turn makes them happy.  They also feel like there is new meaning to their once meaningless life.  What sounds better, living life only to struggle and eventually die, or living life to serve a god, follow his every rule, and then leave the Earth to spend an eternity in paradise for believing the Christian church.  I say the latter.

3) It gives people an easy excuse.  It's so easy to blame something on religion.  One someone epicly fucks up, they can just say "Oh, well I am in no control of my life.  It was God's plan for me to do this, so there was nothing I could have done."  No, you just suck at life.

4) Religion is used as a scare tactic to keep society orderly (which fails for a different reason other than present, aka it creates wars and rifts in societies).  Religious figures will say "if you don't do this and that, you'll spend and eternity burning in Hell!".  If you are raised and have a shadow of belief in what you are taught is actually true, you wouldn't dare question your religion, as it ends in the ultimate punishment:  an eternity in Hell.  So, you continue to behave under the control of the Christian church and whatever higher powers invest in it.  Yeah, I'm kind of starting to sounds like a conspirator, but whatever.

Now, the Bible.  The Bible is simply a bunch of old stories written thousands of years ago compiled into one book presumably "written by God".  No, it wasn't.  I was just a bunch of old guys telling stories with morals in each of them.  You don't see me worshiping the book of Aesop, do you?  I think it's incredibly insane to take what anything in this book says literally.  I mean, do you really believe a man was given "God-like powers" and the ability to part the Red Sea to escape from slavery?  Do you REALLY believe that there are invisible, winged men flying around from another dimension to look over us at all times?  Do you *REALLY* believe that a man named Jesus was given magical healing powers as well as the power to bring himself back from the dead and float up into the air to ascend to heaven?  No, none of that really happened.  They're just stories that people have taken to a ridiculous extent of seriousness.

There are many reasons why I am convinced that Christianity and religion has a whole is complete bullshit.  If you're a Christian, please answer any of these questions to enlighten me on the great truth.

1. If there is a God, what came before him?  How was he created?  Do you really think it is possible for a man with mystical powers to suddenly create the whole universe and everything ever created?

2. Why have we never heard, seen, or truly and definitively felt the presence of God?  Sure, people have made claims to have heard God speak to them, or send them messages, or have felt him in their souls or whatever, but the truth is, absolutely no claims of hearing, seeing, or feeling God have ever been verified and could be used as proof of an existing God.  So tell me, why don't we have that proof?

3. Where are Heaven and Hell?  They certainly aren't above or below us like the Bible says.  What, are they off in another dimension somewhere hiding from us?  If you find either of these places, please tell me.

4. Why do we still have so much needless suffering in this world?  Some people will say "we were put on this Earth to experience suffering", but is it really necessary for a the Holocaust to happen?  Is it really necessary for the meaningless killings of millions of innocent people throughout various wars in the world?  What's the point of this kind of suffering when it does us no good?

5. There is too much scientific evidence stacked up against religion's favor.  Creationism has already basically been disproved, as we have been able to confirm the existence of living things to millions of years ago as opposed to the 4,000 years the Bible suggests.  That's just one example.  Many, many things mentioned in the Bible are just not physically possible in any way shape or form considering what we know today.  How much evidence does religion have in it's favor?  Practically none.

6. Why do we have so many religions today?  If there's only one God (or any God for that matter), certainly we would only have one religion.

Think, why do Christians believe what they believe?  Did any of them figure out the "ultimate truth" themselves?  No.  If God really existed, do you not think that people would be able to discover the idea of God on their own?  Most people believe what they believe because of how they were raised.  If you are told these "facts" every day of your life from when you're a small child, up until you're an adult, you're likely to believe these as facts and not question them because you've never been taught to even consider religion as false.

Please comments on your views as well, as I would love to hear them.

Okay, I'm done.  Sorry for being an asshole. :)


+10. i listen to everyones ideas
Sent by anthony2011class,Jul 19, 2010
I don't think its the fact that people truly think stories from the bible or whatever are true. Being agnostic, I don't go to church/temple/synagogue etc, but I do see somewhat of a point of Religion. Although sure it may be based of fictitious tales, religion serves as a place for people to come together. It's kind of almost more of a social purpose for people now.

btw im half asleep right now, so this prob doesnt make sense LOL
Sent by MattyBB9,Jul 19, 2010
Oh and uh, the stories themselves serve more as a educational purpose to do good in life and stuff like that..
Sent by MattyBB9,Jul 19, 2010
+5 but im too lazy to read it
Sent by Danielvk,Jul 19, 2010
I understand that, Matty.  It just annoys me when people take them literally.  I do accept the fact that they serve an educational purpose, but they shouldn't be translated literally and then used as a cornerstone of idealistic beliefs.
Sent by xAdam93x,Jul 19, 2010
Adam, believe in what you want to believe. As long as you believe in something, that's all that matters
Sent by andychuck08,Jul 19, 2010
Andrew, you are so very wise. :)
Sent by xAdam93x,Jul 19, 2010
to much to read but skrew u for being mean on my blog skrew u
Sent by Jake1213,Jul 19, 2010
Oh My!
May God have mercy on your soul!
God Bless
Sent by D0ubl31,Jul 19, 2010
Without religion, there would be no morals.
I am a huge follower in jesus christ, and i have no problem with people disagreeing.
I do not understand why you spent so much time typing this just to downplay millions of people's beliefs.
like andy said, believe what YOUR heart tells you to.
Sent by mosher24,Jul 19, 2010
Yeah I get what your saying Adam..I agree with what your saying..

And I don't get the negs...someone makes a blog that actually rubbed a couple brain cells to write and it gets negged?
Sent by MattyBB9,Jul 19, 2010
Mosher..I'm agnostic and I have morals, how can you say Religion gives you morals? Um there are plenty of Christians, Jews, Muslims etc that have no morals whatsoever.
Sent by MattyBB9,Jul 19, 2010
Btw I am also a follower In Jesus and God
Sent by D0ubl31,Jul 19, 2010
There would definitely be morals without religion.  I am not religious, yet I know that it's not right to go around killing people just for the hell of it.  I have a conscious and a mind of my own, so I am able to tell right from wrong on my own for the most part.  Nothing less than what religion could have told me.

And I wrote the blog because I'm tired of these hardcore religious types spreading bullshit and being ignorant as a whole.  Mosher, if 90% of the people in the world were atheist don't you think you would be a little fed up with the world disagreeing with you and using their beliefs as a way for you to live YOUR life?  A life without the beliefs of Christianity's teachings?
Sent by xAdam93x,Jul 19, 2010
btw...christian w/ no morals here. i believe in hopes that i can one day get to where i want to God.
Not even close...if at all.
Sent by andychuck08,Jul 19, 2010
Very well written +11
Sent by boygenius2010,Jul 19, 2010
Sent by MattyBB9,Jul 19, 2010
God is real!
Sent by JohnMorisson,Jul 19, 2010
Well, I'm convinced now John.  Thanks for converting me. :)
Sent by xAdam93x,Jul 19, 2010
Hi snoopy loves you :)
Sent by Cisco2010,Jul 19, 2010
-7 for making the brain of teenagers read at midnight.
Sent by yswimmer96,Jul 19, 2010
I just gone done talking to somebody about this.
I believe religion is there but it's different too everyone. God didn't create us all the same with the same mind set and that's the beauty of people and the reason there is so many different religions.
You look at other religions and think they're ridiculous, but they believe them as much as we believe it one. I think there are many different religions, and if you live a good life with a purpose with whatever happens to you after will be of good fortune :)
Sent by snoofle,Jul 19, 2010
Okay, Don't even start, It is not your job to sit here and talk down religion like you are some god. You are true idiot/jerk and im glad i reported you and Icant' wait until your banned. I'll be praying for you because God needs to put some sense into your mind. Do you know how disrespectful and how offended I am? You really have no heart and hopefully.. the blood of jesus will dawn down on you one day.
Sent by Timster,Jul 19, 2010

Sent by MattyBB9,Jul 19, 2010
I'm not talking down to people who are religious, just giving them my point of view on things with material to back up what I'm saying.  I'm sorry I'm an idiot for believing something different from you, and a jerk for using my right to free speech and proclaiming those beliefs.  Good day to you sir :)
Sent by xAdam93x,Jul 19, 2010
Good day to you too demon
Sent by Timster,Jul 19, 2010
Timster he's just stating his opinion, and to be honest, I completely agree with what he said...Have you ever thought how offensive it could be to ME when herds of people preach Jesus/the "Lord" every day when I just want to be left alone and believe what I want to believe? and then state how I'm being rude or disrespectful just because someone doesnt follow what they're saying..
Sent by MattyBB9,Jul 20, 2010
Lexi, I think that's a very nice way of putting religion.  That's more of an antitheist viewpoint on it (believing a God, but without the guidelines and similar beliefs of any set religion, to an extent).  I'm really hesitant to believe that there is nothing greater than life in the universe because I really can't just imagine nothingness after death.  But, I do not agree at all with what the Christian church has to say, which is the main point of this blog.  When I use the word God, I am saying God in the conventional sense.  However, "God" could really be anything... if that makes sense.
Sent by xAdam93x,Jul 20, 2010
And Timster, people like you is why I made this blog in the first place.  Thanks for validating the 30 minutes I spent typing it out.
Sent by xAdam93x,Jul 20, 2010
Well.. you obviously must be going to some religous school because the only time I hear people preaching about the lord is when I go to church or im listening to gospel music.. your blog is offensive especially saying its ridiculous. Im not going to fight with you over whats wrong and whats right Im just stating that the way you wrote this was totally disrespectful to me and you could have typed it out another way without downing people on their relgion
Sent by Timster,Jul 20, 2010
Sent by j0nhale,Jul 20, 2010
I'm simply expressing why I think what you believe is wrong.  I never said that you couldn't continue believing it without me thinking any less of you.  I just like to have my own mind and I don't feel the need to conform with the masses.  I used to believe in God and did all of the church stuff, Bible reading, praying, etc, but then I began to think about what this Christianity stuff was all about, and then I came to the conclusion that it was a bunch of bullshit.  But that's just my opinion.  You're entitled to yours as well.
Sent by xAdam93x,Jul 20, 2010
Thank You Timster.
Sent by JohnMorisson,Jul 20, 2010
Conversation ended :)
Sent by Timster,Jul 20, 2010
My blog shouldn't be offensive if you take it in the right state of mind, which you didn't, obviously.  I'm not attacking people with religion.
Sent by xAdam93x,Jul 20, 2010
Athiesm is the only sane practice ; P
Sent by Banjo,Jul 20, 2010
Reincarnation is just wonderful.
Sent by DavidVegemite,Jul 20, 2010
okay soo i read the blog and some of the comments

Without religion, there would still be morals.  I'm not religious whatsoever, and I still think of myself as a moral/ethical person.

Timster, your first comment irked me.  I don't hate all Christians, but your comment suggested that because he doesn't believe in god/jesus he is a demon.  It really annoys me when people feel the need to convert others to their religion.
Sent by tofutime,Jul 20, 2010
I agree with this so much. I hate how religion is shoved down so many people's throats when they are young and how many seem to be brainwashed into believing it.. ugh it just bothers me. Think and decide for yourself.

Sent by Spinach,Jul 20, 2010
and btw.. I was joking about the demon part :), The rest was real and my thoughts..
Sent by Timster,Jul 20, 2010

Sent by PolishedSandals,Jul 20, 2010
Why do you think it is okay to stand here and say what others believe in is ridiculous?
Sent by Brandonator,Jul 20, 2010
sorry for the all caps by the way :>
Sent by PolishedSandals,Jul 20, 2010
ok. to anyone who uses "do u have proof. did u see, hear or witness God" as an excuse but believes in evolution. did u see the evolvement? did u witness it? did u hear it? wheres ur pictures and audio recordings as proof
Sent by cody_,Jul 20, 2010
k I am not going to read that. I will just say one thing. I HATE people who go on like "THIS IS THE TRUTH, GOD IS NOT REAL, BLAH BLAH BLAH"

Its a really arrogant attitude. Do you know 100% that you are right? No you dont. Does anyone? No, they dont.

What irks me is the closed mindedness of both sides of the debate. Many christians are like "WE ARE RIGHT" many athiests say the same thing. 2 different groups of arrogant people and one, if not both sides are wrong.

There is only one truth, and that is that NONE of us can say that god and religion is based on fact or fiction. There is not enough evidence to swing it one way or the other.

Keep an open mind people, respect each others opinions but keep it as an opinion. And CALM DOWN.

And just for the record, I am a christian studying Zoology, so I know a LOT about both sides of the story.
Sent by Mattress,Jul 20, 2010
Sorry but I believe in Science over Religion, I believe in fact over fiction.
Sent by L500,Jul 20, 2010
And another douche shows up!
Sent by Brandonator,Jul 20, 2010
Sent by L500,Jul 20, 2010
Come back soon Adam.

"3) It gives people an easy excuse.  It's so easy to blame something on religion.  One someone epicly fucks up, they can just say "Oh, well I am in no control of my life.  It was God's plan for me to do this, so there was nothing I could have done."  No, you just suck at life."

Way to work in a little humor. :)
See ya when you're unbanned!
Sent by Sizzle_xD,Jul 20, 2010
OMG, why does everyone have to attack Christianity? *sighs* -_-
Sent by Xhaviier,Jul 20, 2010
Sent by Xhaviier,Jul 20, 2010
I wish I could plus this 100 times
The world would be a better place without religion.
I'm suprised Antwane hasn't commented.
I mentioned in a blog that I was atheist and then he spammed it with
'Jesus and God are real' >:(

Oh and Timster you are an asshole, calling him a 'demon' ! I'm sure your god doesn't condone that behaviour
Sent by Lindz,Jul 20, 2010
MG, why does everyone have to attack Christianity? *sighs* -_-
Sent by Xhaviier,Jul 20, 2010

I say Christianity gets off easy compared to how other religions are attacked

Judaism - The Holocaust
Islam - Are constantly plauged with terrorist stereotypes due to events such as 9/11
Sent by Lindz,Jul 20, 2010
@Xhaviier: I absolutely try my best to do that. But there are also Christians that talk down at people because they disagree with their religion as well. I don't necessarily agree with any religion, but I will respect your views as long as you don't shove it into my face and try to convert me into a follower. People that do it do things like argue against the rights of homosexuals which I just cannot stand because they try to shove their views down other's throats. There are many views and we all need to learn to live with each other's views otherwise this argument will never end.
Sent by RidersDX,Jul 20, 2010
Both sides of the argument on this blog are being stupid. Calling a religion ridiculous and calling a non-believer a demon. Seriously guys? It's people like you all that are the reason this argument will never end. It's the truth.
Sent by RidersDX,Jul 20, 2010
I thought your blog was insightful and very eloquent xAdam. The fact you blogged about something you feel strongly about impresses me even more..
Sent by Diva1,Jul 20, 2010
Wow Timster is a little bit not all there. >_<
Sent by Aquamarine,Jul 20, 2010
Yall need to learn how to read -.- I was joking about the demon part..
Sent by Timster,Jul 20, 2010
@Lindz; I was kinda directing my comment at Atheists. I mean, ya almost never hear their beliefs being attacked. It's ALWAYS religions that believe in a God.
Sent by Xhaviier,Jul 20, 2010
Ex.) Judaism, Christianity, Islam etc...

I mean if ya don't believe the world was created by a God then just believe in evolution and leave people who have different opinions alone.
Sent by Xhaviier,Jul 20, 2010
"I mean, do you really believe a man was given "God-like powers" and the ability to part the Red Sea to escape from slavery?  Do you REALLY believe that there are invisible, winged men flying around from another dimension to look over us at all times?  Do you *REALLY* believe that a man named Jesus was given magical healing powers as well as the power to bring himself back from the dead and float up into the air to ascend to heaven?  No, none of that really happened. "

fucking offensive^
Sent by Xhaviier,Jul 20, 2010
But, nice blog, see ya when your unbanned.
and uh.
Delete my comment, because it was uncalled for.
Sent by Halio88,Jul 20, 2010
This is a good blog.
I hate it when people use religion as an excuse for things.
I don't mind people being religious, I believe there is a God but I can't stand hypocrites, and from what I've seen, the biggest religious people are always the biggest hypocrites.
Sent by supergoten,Jul 20, 2010
...Timster, you can't report someone for disagreeing with you. TT_TT Then I could report anyone who considers Kesha a quality musician.
Sent by Tataki13,Jul 20, 2010
I retract my former statement and offer my apologies to Timster.
Sent by Tataki13,Jul 20, 2010
LOL its fine :]
Sent by Timster,Jul 20, 2010
Rest in Hollywood, fucker.
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