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Final Destination episode 5

Jan 3, 2018 by wwecmw
________________    Your characters
Logan    chillum
Anne Maria    iichaoskimmy
Jake    tundrahenry101
Tagina    TR1364
Adele    adeleadele
Iona  IONA0
Vanessa    VanessaFeltz
Calvin    TwoStep
Caleb  CalebDaBoss
Latisha  Latisha0987
Chanel    ChanelSheep3
Jemmye    DevinB

Dead characters-
Sebastian      mj1001
Shay            Kidcool404
Robin          kansasmoon


Robin died the day before however nobody else knew about it. So the sheriff called Jon and told him about it. Then he emailed all of the survivors and told them. Almost seconds after sending it, Jake and Jemmye rang his doorbell. He answered and said, "Hello." Jemmye said, "You interrupted our date!" Jake said, "Honey be nice." She rolled her eyes. Jake said, "What she meant was, where are we on this death list?" Jon said, "I think you still have like 9 people to go before its your turn." She said, "Ok bye!" Meanhile, Kyle was in an alley waiting for Gino. Gino finally arrived and Kyle said, "You got the stuff?" Gino replied, "Of course, but you got the money?" They traded. Kyle got his cocaine and Gino got his 126 dollars. As Kyle was leaving the alley, Gino said, "Hey! Get in my car! We need to talk!" They went to a coffee shop and sat at the table. Kyle said, "Look, I dont want to talk about my drug supply in public." Gino replied, "Thats not why I brought you here. We are here to discuss Jon." Kyle said, "What about him?" Gino said, "I think he is killing all of these people and saying that it is his vision. He is doing it just for attention. I know for a fact that he has planned this for months, he has been wanting to kill people and he knows what he is doing. He is a genius in disguise."  Kyle said. "I doubt it man." Gino said, "You arent taking this serious, Im out of here!" Kyle said, "Hey but then I have to pay for your coffee!" Meanwhile Calvin went to Adele's house and said, "Hey, Im sorry about last time we saw each other, I guess I kinda made it awkward." Adele said, "Yeah kind of." He said, "Can we try again?" She said, "No  thank you." She then closed the door on him. Meanwhile Iona was standing in line to get a funnel cake and Vanessa stood next to her and said, "Dont I know you?" Iona said, "Im not sure." Vanessa said, Yeah I do know you, youre that fat ass from the ship. You know, youre gonna die soon so you better lose weight while you can." Iona started crying and ran away. Meanwhile Anne Maria was taking selfies at work The boss said, Youre not supposed to be on your phone at work, thats the fourteenth time I have told you that, You are fired!!!!!!!!!" She said, "Finally!" She then went home and on the way, she noticed a Shark vacuum cleaner. She said, "I want that so that I can take a selfie with it, that would get alot of likes." Jon called her on the way inside and answered. He said, "In my vision you got killed by a shark, so I mean, I guess it is easy to not get eaten by a shark." She said, "Yeah, ok." She hung up. She went outside and saw her car rolling backwards. She tried to stop it by running after it but she tripped over her vacuum that she just purchased and busted her face open. Her whole face was bloody. She then got enough strength to pick up the vacuum but she threw it straight on her face. Then she threw it up in the air but it landed in a tree that was about 16 feet away. She went back to chasing the car, she then said, "Awe whats the use?!!" She looked up and notice a tree branch snapped which caused the vacuum to fall on head. She was then pronounced dead. She also technically get killed by a shark.

                              Find out more next time on... Final Destination


where did i go?
Sent by Latisha0987,Jan 4, 2018
Latisha0987     I had to put the spotlight on some of the other charecters. She will be back next episode though
Sent by wwecmw,Jan 6, 2018
haha will good one
Sent by TwoStep,Jan 14, 2018
lol calvin and adele ship
Sent by TwoStep,Jan 14, 2018

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