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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Jul 25, 2023 by woah
& I鈥檒l give you a rating out of 10 with a brief description.

This is not a stars popularity grab so expect the TRUTH!

3pi14159 - 10/10 - I will say I feel like if we knew eachother irl you would not like me. You are a very focused, by the book, and driven individual. You鈥檙e wicked smart and you鈥檙e kind to those you consider worthy! All of those things are great and I do see you as an awesome person. I worry you鈥檇 look at me and my life choices and JUDGE TF OUT OF ME 馃槀 much love for you though!

princesspinklips - 5/10 - we don鈥檛 really know eachother tbh. I put you the lowest on my last PYN and that just stems from not knowing you better. You slayed my ass last night in frooks but it was deserved! Someone tried to tell me they were you last night on discord so be on the lookout for that !!

Morant - 7/10 - I like you and i think you鈥檙e a good person. I worry about you a lot though. I feel like you have a very pessimistic outlook on things and I worry that you don鈥檛 see it improving. It always does though! You get a -3 because your star player needs a wake up call. Do better Ja!

benp428 - 0/10 - bitch read the second sentence of my blog before you come in here running your mouth. Enjoy whatever place is next in stars because your time is up. Love you.

cocacola12 - 9/10 - you get a bad rep on here and I think a lot of it is unwarranted. If we were all held to be accountable for EVERYTHING we did on this website, we鈥檇 all be toast. You鈥檙e a great person deep down and I鈥檓 thankful we had an opportunity to get to know one another through your multi adventures. I worry that I don鈥檛 reach out enough, I鈥檓 so bad at maintaining friends 馃槀

ashloathesu - 9/10 - my fellow bipolar 馃 you鈥檙e so iconic and are so fun to root for in games. You play so messy (try to see that as a compliment lol) but I鈥檓 so here for it! I would HATE to be on your bad side though.

yandereboy12 - 10/10 - you鈥檙e one of the kindest and friendliest people I鈥檝e met on this website! I do think you struggle with your loyalties in games so I can鈥檛 consider you a true ride-or-die, but outside of them you know that I appreciate you so much!

systrix - 8/10 - one of my first friends on this account! I miss how often we used to talk. Life gets so hectic sometimes! You know it鈥檚 always love though and we don鈥檛 even need to catch up to know we鈥檙e locked in when we do play a game together. You鈥檙e such a sweet person and are SO funny. We need to get close again!

penguinowen126 - 7/10 - you鈥檙e super chill and I really like that about you. There鈥檚 never any major conflict and you know how to roll with the punches, which can鈥檛 be said for a lot of people on here. We never have been in a position where we work together long term so I struggled to give you a rating higher than this. I respect your dedication to playing a great game everytime. Your stars win will come one day! Much sooner than mine if I鈥檓 being honest 馃槀

booyahhayoob - 6/10 - I can鈥檛 tell you how long it took me to realize how to pronounce and correctly read your username. That鈥檚 embarrassing on my end. Beyond that and you being the foundation for the stars servers, I don鈥檛 think we know eachother well! I appreciate the effort that anyone puts in to make the website more engaging.

iiGalaxyii - 8/10 - you鈥檙e one of the biggest personalities on here. I feel like I know you better than I do but I think that鈥檚 just from the blogs page. You鈥檙e a really fun guy to interact with I just don鈥檛 think we鈥檝e clicked in games. There鈥檚 always someone closer to me / closer to you and we鈥檝e never had an opportunity to work on that or establish anything greater. Tons of respect for you though.


Oh no
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Bro ab to give everyone a 10 for more stars saves
I get it I鈥檇 do the same
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Ily and Imysm <3
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i'll comment as i broke your heart.
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Am I too late?
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