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  1. my ideal as5 cast
  2. Did a draft for this season
  3. Want
  4. Is sam using the power app?
  5. ew
  6. BB Sorter
  7. ffs hayleigh
  8. Sam
  9. wow
  10. I kinda wanna see
  11. Vixen being stamped on by the cast
  12. You should meet my son!
  13. this is fun
  14. Shangela cant really be mad
  15. ok but seriously
  16. Starting a brantsteele
  17. my least favourite person on the site
  18. uh
  19. catching up on bbcan
  20. This Episode
  21. Still dont understand
  22. Im dead
  23. Ha
  24. Wait
  25. Game Changers
  26. Anyone know where
  27. umm..
  28. where
  29. Just finished
  30. UK public...
  31. Ugh
  32. Im so torn
  33. uuuuuuuugh
  34. WTF
  35. Nick: You made us look like idiots
  36. vote metohja
  37. WTF
  38. Gaiaphages Survivor
  39. Wow
  40. wait

ok but seriously

Feb 2, 2018 by wileycoyote
why tf was chi chi in the bottom 3 over milk?
milk imo was the worst and if i was judging woulda been in the bottom with kennedy and therefore gone home(small picture kennedy did worse then thorgy, big picture thorgy going over kennedy made sense but milk was clearly the worst performance)

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