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Randomly remembered this site Aug 5, 2021
Blast from the past, was a big thing for me in my late teens when i found out these shows were a thing

Probably not gonna be active just kinda popping in lol
Made some good friends here years ago
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my ideal as5 cast Jan 2, 2019
excluding all who already did all stars

Ongina - S1
Delta Work - S3
Dida Ritz - S4
Ivy Winters - S5
Darrienne Lake - S6
Miss Fame - S7
Derrick Barry - S8
Peppermint -S9
Annee Maewong - DRT
Amadiva - DRT

wouldnt those last 2 be the best twist
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Did a draft for this season Dec 7, 2018
2 people have 3 of the f7 each(2  of the 3 extra are out and the other has christian but cant win) points are as followed
im 2 points behind

i have kara, allison and nick
other has angelina, davie and mike
whos got the better chance?
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Want Aug 1, 2018
for AS5 is a season with a queen from each of the first 11 seasons and instead of bottom 2 its bottom 1 and they can choose anyone not the winner to lip sync against in the lsfyl
my cast
1- Ongina
2- Jessica Wild
3- Delta/Stacy/India(they are kinda lacking in queens that havent returned lol)
4- Dida Ritz
5- Ivy Winters
6- Darrienne Lake
7- Jadynn Diore Fierce
8- Robbie Turner/Acid Betty
9- Shea Coulee/Trinity Taylor
10- Monet x Change
11- hasnt aired yet
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Is sam using the power app? Jul 19, 2018
pls tell me shes not
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ew Jul 15, 2018
brett got screen time
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