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Just a blog of clarification

Feb 28, 2019 by wildboy12
1) I’m a racist and always say racists comments in games! So please try and make out that I am!

2) I believe flavouring is a good tactic, which makes ALL of them good players since THEY ALL renommed pretty early!

3) Trust is not being questioned? I didn't speak to Varlto, Rafo, Jaylen earlier in the game they told me nothing and BAM I’m not on the block anyway lol so I’ve not given my trust to them many of times they told the truth!

4) I’m playing the victim and I have in all my games! I’m a victim! I want to be a victim! And if you want to call me a victim thats okay because I am!

5) I love how now when I’m not on the block I get no mails from the remaining players begging for my vote, but as soon as I’m not safe they want it because they’re all not nominating me LOL

6) I expect to win every game, I still expect to, I’ve played hardly any stars I know I’m the most known user although I’ve been here not long so I’ve not played stars, I’ve made it unnommed and still didn’t win, OBVIOUSLY A WIN WOULD BE BORING BECAUSE IF YOU GIVE A FUCK ABOUT TENGAGED YOU'RE A LOSER :P but I’ve once stated I expect to win!

7) Thank you so much for those NOT supporting me, I’m just thirsty for that Stars win so if I get it fuck me jk its tengaged and means nothing!!! :D

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