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  1. People still login
  2. Quick question
  3. I want someone special to bottom for me
  4. I need one more Judge for a game I am hosting
  5. One thing I will never support
  6. My penis is swollen!
  7. Got my dick pierced today
  8. What tengaged needs
  9. Plus if you wanna see
  10. Thanks to the 51.1 percent!
  11. Save me in stars!
  12. Spending my lunch break
  13. Who wants to smoke a cigarette w me
  14. Join stars!
  15. What time is stars enrollment?
  16. Just a blog of clarification
  17. I'm so exhausted that
  18. I am a tengaged legend
  19. Some of yall are in your mid 20s
  20. PYN
  21. Some of yall
  22. Plus this blog
  23. Ive always wanted
  24. Who wants to snapchat til I fall asleep
  25. Hosting survivor on skype!
  26. Anyone wanna talk?
  27. Im horny
  28. Go clemson tigers!
  29. Ive never fucked a guy
  30. Who wants to have
  31. One of the college classes
  32. Goodnight Gays and Straights
  33. Pyn
  34. Yo fuck tengaged
  35. If I encouraged someone
  37. Im gonna make you squirt
  38. What keeps me going everyday
  39. At the mall taking pictures of Eric haarer
  40. I’m working at the mall

Heres a way not to get banned

Jul 30, 2018 by wildboy12
Don't do anything questionable and behave like a normal person would on a reality tv website.


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