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  1. Can somebody talk to me
  2. Who wants to play
  3. Anyone wanna play
  4. Just had a 25 min
  5. Why are there
  6. Im sleeping with
  7. It's my birthday
  8. Brxanna
  9. Any skype games tonight?
  10. Hosting a survivor mini
  11. Ranking my places of employment
  12. Making a rap video tomorrow
  13. Im so tierd
  14. This website is DEAD
  15. Im going to bed
  16. Smokers cough
  17. Im tierd
  18. Come play cards against humanity
  19. Oh well
  20. What time
  21. It’s amazing
  22. Is stars enrollment still slow?
  23. I need a kiss
  24. Why does Haleigh
  25. Who wants to make a quick $20
  26. Id rather sleep naked with you
  27. Gagaluv
  28. Anyone wanna play
  29. Heres a way not to get banned
  30. Has anyone
  31. Im gonna take a nap
  32. I swear I’m the only person
  33. Well Ik I’m nommed
  34. Save me in stars vlog!
  35. Wildboy12
  36. Im surprised
  37. Im in an org with
  38. Go England!!!
  39. Who wants to join
  40. I cant wait to get banned

Man Im confused

May 13, 2018 by wildboy12
Why do yall think danger does meth.  Im not gonna say Im an expert on knowing RJ but ive come to encounters with him many times and the least thing I could see him doing is meth.... Like you guys legit don't know shit about drugs, If your going to attack someone at least be accurate. Like say hes a pothead or something that makes more sense...

PS Me and RJ arent even friends nor do we even like each other, but yall just piss me off making accusations or jumping on the bandwagon to make them when you have no logic behind them.

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