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  1. I fuckin hate cops dawg
  2. Damn
  3. Holy fuck
  4. Why do Japanese people
  5. OMG
  6. Three years ago
  7. Anyone wanna pay me?
  8. Im not really for
  9. Okay now to make some money
  10. Damn yall wild!
  11. Hope yall enjoyed the nudes
  12. Cuddle?
  13. Absolutely annoyed
  14. I just want to give a shoutout
  15. JesseM
  16. One thing I will say is
  17. I need T$
  18. Does anyone here
  19. Whens the last time
  20. I honestly think
  21. Stars vlog! Cupcakke remix!
  22. Save me in stars vlog?
  23. What the absolute fuck?
  24. This is definitely
  25. I cant wait
  26. Sit on my face?
  27. Man Im confused
  28. My last 24 hour experience
  29. I actually was supposed
  30. Just to be safe
  31. Oh wow! Thank you!
  32. Joining stars today :)
  33. This is gonna sound cheesy
  34. Not sure
  35. Modeling in my underwear
  36. Which survivor players
  37. Winner will get 2 gifts!
  38. I played stars
  39. How many stars
  40. Gifted one person!

Who gives a fuck about marijuana

Feb 15, 2018 by wildboy12
I mean I honestly don't smoke weed believe it or not. But there are so many bigger issues in the world like world hunger and kids getting shot in schools. I just wish people focused on more important things, and if someone isn't bothering anyone or harming anyone by doing anything than just leave them be.


Great way to teach kids
Sent by Chic,Feb 15, 2018

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