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  1. Any free vpns easy to use?
  2. Sup idiots
  3. Anyone got a link for free survivor episodes?
  4. Why’d I get banned for racism?
  5. Glad that the senate saw through the bullshit
  6. Do yall have any websites
  7. Dr Ford is a Joke
  8. Did Bayleigh-Scottie
  9. I think Tyler has overplayed
  10. Perfect Time for BB to get cancelled
  11. Every year
  12. Brett have every chance in the world
  13. Dream Scenario
  14. Is brett throwing during DE?
  15. Tommorow is crunch time for Brett
  16. Whos kaycee nomming
  17. Link to free feeds please
  18. Link to bb live stream?
  19. Fessy is pathetic
  20. Veto is wrapping up
  21. Why is the veto comp taking 7 hours lmao
  22. What veto comp could it be
  23. Fessy probably winning veto
  24. Unless its a luck comp
  26. Link to free feeds please
  27. YES BRETT!
  28. Imagine if Bayleighs power comes back with her
  29. Double eviction next week?
  30. No to abortion
  32. Brett wins BB20
  33. When is there gonna be a double eviction?
  34. And Sam makes the plummet on jokers
  35. Brett is looking safe
  36. Why do hated people
  37. Scottie is against them lmao
  38. link to tonights episode?
  39. Why is Tyler top on jokers
  40. I always love

Brett have every chance in the world

Sep 14, 2018 by whoyopapa2
When it comes down to it, he just couldn’t win when it counted

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