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6thMar 21, 2010 by whizkid1428
imageBlack!! OMFG! I feel like writing a very very very very very very long blog to thank everyone! But I rather not. ;P

Shout out to all my friends that I made since I joined. I joined on August 14, 2009. It's been roughly 7 months, and I finally got black!!

RidersDX, you introduced to me this site and it has become my greatest addiction! I kinda love/hate you for that. ;P

kebin65, what can I say? You're an A-W-E-S-O-M-E person! The best virtual best friend I can ask for! ;D

bobbobachoo1, you probably won't read this since you kinda sorta quit, but you're still one of my closest friends! Haha. Hope we can join a game together sometime!

JanuaryX, my virtual sister. ;) Too bad you don't play anymore. ;(

kob3Sm1th, probably one of the persons I met on tengaged that I really gotten close to. ;D

ev, we been through A LOT! LOL! It's been great playing with you! Too bad you were evicted. It was really close! We should so join a game together. ;)

My survivor tribe, you guys are the BEST! It's been a pleasure playing with each and everyone of you. Hopefully we'll merge 9-1 so we can still be together! xD

Well, that was the people that I could think of on top of my head. To everyone that I forgot, you guys are AMAZING! Thanks for making tengaged such a fun experience. haha.

Oh yeah, huge shoutouts to RidersDX, wwemrpeeps, skyy, joeyjones, Megan, and mynamescooler. You guys have won me SO much bets. If it weren't for you guys, I probably won't be black right now, so thank you! ;D

I guess that's it. haha.

My future goals:

Top Blogs!
More designs! ;P


Sent by Brandy926,Mar 21, 2010
Sent by wafflecone,Mar 21, 2010
gj :)
Sent by lemon5029,Mar 21, 2010
Sent by puma,Mar 21, 2010
Grats mother fucker :) :P
Sent by Cisco2010,Mar 21, 2010
congrats! :)
Sent by bunnycat,Mar 21, 2010
Sent by Patrick7893,Mar 21, 2010
LOL i remember seeing you when you were red and i had never heard of you before :X
great job doing all this fairly under the rader, top respect (Y)
Sent by BengalBoy,Mar 21, 2010
..who are you
Sent by LordLost,Mar 21, 2010
I'm whizkid1428. ;P I like to stay under the radar. haha.
Sent by whizkid1428,Mar 21, 2010
who are you? and grats! :)
Sent by D0ubl31,Mar 21, 2010
Sent by RidersDX,Mar 21, 2010
Sent by jdsurvivor,Mar 21, 2010
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Sent by andy154,Mar 22, 2010
omg a black level ive never heard of! :O
Sent by mikedistanz,Mar 22, 2010
Congrats on reaching black and thanx for being such an amazing tribemate and friend! :)  +10
Sent by Ev32,Mar 22, 2010
:) congrats
Sent by theguybrarian,Mar 22, 2010
Congrats :)
Sent by shatteringwindows,Mar 22, 2010

Congrats Vince!!!!!!
Sent by kebin65,Mar 25, 2010

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