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Why do I bother coming on this site? Jan 29, 2024
imageFrookies & fastings are never available when I log on and everything else takes forever to fill 😒 I miss the old Tengaged πŸ’”
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Who's pumped for Traitors 2?! Jan 7, 2024
imageCan't wait for Dan and Janelle to reunite after BB14
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depressed & stressed :/ Jun 27, 2023
imagebeen feeling so down and hopeless.. if anyone else out there feels the same way, im sending u so much love πŸ’š
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where tf is ali bonico at Jun 20, 2023
imagewhere are u queen @alibonico
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pyn for my opinion on you πŸ’š Jun 20, 2023
imageI’m so bored, so put your name down! If I don't know you, I may just judge based off your profile xoxo

Nebula: I love the pokemon in ur avi I think it's a spheal? anyhoo ur name reminds me of the girl from guardians of the galaxy and she's a baddie so ur a baddie too! πŸ’‹

Scooby69: hiii kara! ur an absolute sweetheart and one of the only friends ive made on this site ive felt left out of the community here and u have always been so welcoming to me πŸ’•

3pi14159: I'm listening to the song on ur profile rn and it's good!! it's giving hollister and american eagle circa 2010 when they'd play music videos in the store also I think u should make ur avi the club penguin one u were gifted bc club penguins rocks 🐧

SmellyPoosay: ur username gives me a good chuckle!! I feel like u know all the tea b c u knew why alibonico was banned and ur blog asks if someone named milliv is a pedo ps who tf is milliv β˜•οΈ also I voted to keep u in stars

mackey: I feel like I've known/seen you on this site for a while and ur super sweet ☺️ I’m a Doja Cat fan too babe!! ur username reminds me of Mr. Mackey from South Park the teacher that goes mmmmkay ps how tf did u get 44 gifts w being on the site for a year u must be popular around town

JonahFierce: absolutely loving the Miley on ur profile!! AND Emma Roberts too another queen we love a scream queen/final girl πŸ‘‘ u have good taste and I’m obsessed w ur avi's hair I’m gonna snatch it
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has anyone watched the new black mirror? Jun 17, 2023
imagesooo good
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