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Dec 27, 2018 by virgobo1
This year has been a great year in #Survivor. With the exception of Season 36 US, I've gotten a full year of the best Survivor shows outside the US that I've ever seen, including the fan-made Maryland: All Stars. I decided to make a season roster from Survivor 36,37, NZ2, AUS5, SA6, and Maryland AS. I try to make it as balanced as possible with as little ties from each other in their respective seasons. I decided to make it a Second-Chance kind of season.

***SEGANI (Pre-merge tribe)***

S36) Stephanie J.- Great player, loved her attitude but the tribe swap screwed her up
S37) Natalie- She'd get the boot early again but I just find her entertaining
AU5) Tegan- Got blindsided, came back and got screwed by a twist. She needs a 2nd shot
NZ2) JT- Very game savvy and I'm surprised he quit before the merge.
SA6) Tevin- He had a good grip on the game but he was over confident
MAS) Alex P- He was 1st boot but he was amazing in his original season which makes it sad

***ELOMA (Jury tribe)***

S36) Kellyn- She annoyed me but she's one of the bigger characters and players her season
S37) Christian- He's the biggest character in his season.
AU5) Benji- A season needs a GOOD villain. Especially one who is as game-savvy as he is.
NZ2) Renee- Not much to choose from. She is outspoken and went down fighting
SA6) Palesa- Known for her bold moves, so sad she lost to someone like Tom.
MAS) Schuble- Iconic. He embodies a Survivor fan to me.

***VOLEKA (2nd-5th placer tribe)***

S36) Domenick- I'd like to see him play without Wendell
S37) Angelina- For entertainment value
AU5) Shonee- Loved her fighting spirit and her confessionals
NZ2) Adam- Great social gamer and known to being catty
SA6) Werner- Masterful player who got cut by the goats he's dragging to the end
MAS) Victoria- We don't deserve her. One of my faves from the whole Maryland seasons.

Who would you cast?
How would you list the boot order?


Jacob derwin
Sent by lionsden121,Dec 27, 2018

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