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Ranking the 2018 Survivor Winners So Far

Aug 17, 2018 by virgobo1
1. Lisa (Survivor NZ: Thailand) Long time fan and a strategic mastermind. Her Matt vote was
                                              Master-level. I put her first since she's willing to cut allies
                                              and work with new ones.

2. Wendell (Survivor Ghost Island) He was with Domenick the entire game and dominated til
                                                    The very end. He was my winner pick but  not really
                                                    interesting gameplay wise.

(long gap)

3. Tom (South Africa: Philippines) What a lol winner for a crazy epic season. Brash, loud and
                                                   borderline abrasive, the finale gave him somewhat of a
                                                   closure of an edit as a winning player. His FTC sort of
                                                   redeemed him a bit.

waiting on the winners of #Survivor Australia CVC, Maryland and 37 to finish up the list


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