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Survivor 33 per season rankings

Sep 9, 2016 by virgobo1
I can't believe its time for another season of Survivor. By reading/watching intros and bios here's my list of each castaway and how they'll end up on the game.


#20 Sunday- Glad she survived cancer. The thing is that Survivor doesn't deal well with motherly figures since they tend to fall out the wayside early. If she can get out of that mentality and asses the game in an individual mindset, she'll be able to make it further (Possible Ruth Marie (S12)/Patricia (S9) edit)

#19 Cece- I always like people who are fun and has a good sense of work ethinc. But despite having the ability of patience and reading people from her job, she looks like a physical liability for a tribe facing the younger contestants. She needs to be in a tight alliance from the get go or she's doomed. (Possible Darnell/Stacy (S23) edit)

#18 David- He's quirky and I like that he owns up to his struggles. Unfortunately, Survivor isn't really a place to develop better life skills and I think his tribemates will pick up on it. We may possibly have a worse physical competitor since Chet. (Possible Fischbach edit if he makes it farther)

#17 Hannah- If Shirin and Aubry had a love child. I can totally see her taking the Cochran route (S23) but she has two strikes against her: she's not athletic and she's borderline annoying which makes her disposable to an already strong tribe. Even though she says she's mentally tough, I can see people gang up on her and she'll be the cryer of this season. (Possible Shirin (30)/Aubry edit)

#16 Will- He doesn't sound or look 18!!!!!!! He comes off very sly and his build doesn't make him look intimidating. He's a dark horse coming into the game as long as he tones it down with being devious. He will come off as a bratty younger brother and I can see the women being turned off by him. (Possible Colton edit)

#15 Rachel- I guess she's this season's ditzy (fake) blonde. She is giving me Alecia vibes from last season and I can see people getting tired of her giggling and antics pretty quick. I just see her as someone who thinks she can cut it but in reality this experience is way too over her head (Possible Alecia edit)


#14 Lucy- She seem the most serious of all the girls this season. I can see her bonding with the men because of her mentality. I really don't expect much to hear from her cause I have a feeling she will be UTR til she gets voted out. (Possible Edna (S23)/Jill (S21) edit)

#13 Figgy- She's an athletic version of Abi Maria which could go either way. People can either find her as a physical threat or just abrasive. I have a feeling its the latter. (Possible Mikayla (S23) edit)


#12 Chris- He comes off boring. He also is going to be the alpha male so I don't see him working well with the women. He's best bet is to be a 'father figure' instead of a leader--which could make him a target. (Possible Roger Sexton edit)

#11 Ken- He definitely has the survival skills down. He comes off to me as a reformed frat/model/surfer guy. The only hint of game he has for me is because of his daughter which makes me question his actual strategy for winning. He seems to be in touch with his faith which makes me wonder if he is willing to do what it takes to play the game. (Possible merge boot edit)

#10 Taylor- I can see him bonding with Jay since they have the same personality. His willingness to easily bail on things he doesn't enjoy makes me wonder if he is trustworthy enough to stick with an alliance. He's most likely to make a move based on the interviews. (Possible Benry edit)

#9 Paul- Really like this guy. He's like Rupert (S7) but more eccentric. He is willing to do anything to get ahead of the game and I have a feeling he's gonna be the mascot of the gen x tribe which makes him a target if he makes the merge. (Either possible Rupert (S7) or Jimmy T (S21) edit)

#8 Mari- She is definitely someone I wanna hangout with on a daily basis. She has potential to be a good strategist and a good physical threat. I appreciate that she is willing to do anything it takes and she doesn't seem intimidating enough that insecure men would wanna vote her out.  (Possible Brenda (S21) edit)

#7 Brett- Don't know what I think of him.  Other than Chris, he looks very normal. He's your token blue collar guy and game-wise I only see him as a follower to an alpha male. I can see him getting annoyed at a couple of people as well. (Possible Jud Sargeant (S11) edit)

#6 Michaela- I sense a fighting spirit from her interview that makes me wanna cheer for her. I like her positive outlook and my only concern is will people gravitate around her to keep her through the game. (Possible Aubry/Ciera (S27) edit)

#5 Adam- I am on the Adam bandwagon. He has a good heart and an avid fan/student of Survivor. But I said the same thing about Tai last season. I'm hoping that he is smart enough not to unravel from the harsh reality of the dark side of playing the game. (Possible Tai/Spencer edit)

#4 Jessica- I like that she is about helping others and I hope other people see her as a good person and gravitate towards her. She is another female that I can see bond with men. She will mostly be targeted as a jury threat (Possible Marissa (S19) edit)

#3 Zeke- He comes off fun and articulate--which is an asset to bringing people in. He's in the low end of the physical totem pole and I wonder how the several Christians in the cast would interact with him. (Possible Todd/Cochran (S26) edit)

#2 Michelle- Her faith makes me question if she's gonna have a dilemma between her morals or making moves. She is lucky to be cast with several people who share her faith. I don't see her teaming up with the women since she obviously has her sights on the men. My interpretation of her 'flirting' = riding coattails which means she won't since its almost impossible to have two people of the same name win back to back seasons. (Hoping for possible early boot but most likely the coat tail rider/goat that makes it to the end edit)

#1 Jay- He has a nice chill vibe that would be useful in making alliances. He seems like a good physical competitor but not threatening enough to be picked off during the merge--even though he's obviously devious. Personality wise, not a standout since I met a ton of 20 something guys who are the same way. If young Fabio can pull out a win, so can this guy (Possible Brian (S5) edit

My final thoughts
- The tribes/theme is dumb. We already know that the younger tribe will decimate the older tribe with 4 of my top 5 from the Millennials.
- There are a high concentration of religious people on the cast and I'm hoping it doesn't turn into the cult Coach ran in Survivor: South Pacific
- Fiji was not a memorable background the first time around so I'm wondering if its any different this time

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