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My updated Survivor Season Rankings (2016)

Jun 11, 2016 by virgobo1
Well, now that I have seen 32 seasons, time to update the rankings from worst to best  into four categories

UN-REWATCHABLE- So bad, I don't want to rewatch them again.

32nd- South Pacific
- Bland characters, Coach & Ozzy--REALLY!?!, Brandon, Cochran, Albert and Rick were abominations. Terrible boot order. Made me almost give up on Survivor

31st- Fiji

- Horrible recruited cast, either bland or annoying. At least it had 1 good episode in the Edgardo boot. Haves vs Have-nots was an awful twist. Still fuming about Yau Man getting screwed dragged this season way down for me.

30th- Redemption Island

- The few episodes were Russell was in it was rather amusing but it quickly went to crap  from there. Editors gave up on these bland/annoying characters and Zapatera has got to be one of the dumbest tribes in Survivor history. I wanted Rob to win after Hereos vs Villains but not the way he did this season. Plus we got introduced to Philip Shepard

29th- Caramoan

Should be renamed Fans? vs Favorites? Its just mean spirited (Brandon, Philip, Shamar) and the unmemorable fans had absolutely no chance which made the season hard to watch. At least the Philip boot was satisfying only to have it caneclled out by Brenda's blindside. Cochran pretty much  had a Boston Rob 4.0 edit after episode 1.

28th- All Stars

There's just a lot of suffering and mean-spirited bitterness going on and its taking me away from the game. The first WTF winner even though I personally like Amber in Australia. Had the first 9 boots made the top 9, this season would've ranked way higher

27th- One World

I only ranked it higher because of Kim Spradlin and the women's alliance. It had the dumbest group of men and the one world twist was executed poorly. Oh and we got introduced to Colton. Pretty much predictable outcome kept me from enjoying the season.

26th- Thailand

Many unnecessary drama and there's just not many people I root for here. Brian played a masterful game but it got boring when there were no competition left. Clay Jordan is one of my least favorite Survivor characters ever.

25th- Nicaragua

Pretty much the season that started a string of crap seasons. I prefer the first 10 boots over the top 10 character wise. Young vs Old twist was pretty much a bust...lets forget about ever seeing the medallion of power and Naonka. Nicaragua is just a bland location. One of my least favorite finalists. Another wtf winner for a wtf season.

OVERRATED- People say they're good but when I watched/rewatched them...I still don't get it.

24th- Samoa

Its basically The Russell Hantz show. Never got to know most of the cast because their fighting for whatever few seconds Russell and Shambo isn't taking up. Russells' antics pretty much overshadowed his gameplay which lead to another wtf winner. Samoa is up there for one of my least favorite locations.

23rd- San Juan Del Sur

Many Kelly Wentworth fans assume that just because 3 of the final five are from Cambodia doesn't mean this season was any good--she's pretty much invisible in the 5 episodes she was in. Not a big fan of Missy and Baylor who just annoyed me along with over half the cast which is bland filler. Having Natalie get her revenge in the end pretty much saved this season from being unwatchable.

22nd- Worlds Apart

This season was the most letdown from pre-season to post season. Great personalities does not necessarily translate to compelling Survivor players. The drama got a little to off putting for my taste. Mike was another clear winner that made this season less exciting to watch.

21st- Cook Islands

This season spawned many all stars, but it is also riddled with a lot of unmemorable filler due to mostly recruiting. Yul pretty much had the game on lock when he found the OP idol in episode two which lowered the excitement factor for me. The race tribal lines pretty much was a bust. Its sad that crazy white people make good Survivor characters but as long as I'm entertained I suppose.

20th- Tocantns

The location was not that exciting; JT was the clear winner from the get go and Stephen clinging to him was embarrassing. It pretty much reminded me that Survivor's old 16 person format doesn't seem as compelling tv as it once did in the early years. Terrible boot order.

19th- Africa

Had Brandon voted out Lex, this season would be in the top 10. Very unique location but seeing people suffer from the elements pretty much took out the fun factor for me. One of the better production values IMO.

18th- Guatemala

To those "When will someone from Guatemala get to come bac?k" people, I don't get it. Stephennie and Bobby Jon were less compelling than they were last season and asides Rafe, Jud, Brian and Amy everyone else was forgettable. There were interesting rivalries in Margaret vs Jud & Jamies vs Bobby Jon but I felt like I just schemed through the season the first time it aired. I also found Danni a surprisingly pleasant, but boring winner.

17th- Borneo

It used to be a top 10 season for me, but as more seasons come in, I find the characters really generic--especially the pre merge ones. Survivor is still getting its bearing but compared to the other season, the original season fades into comparison.

UNDERRATED- I think these seasons should get more love than they deserve

16th- Marquesas

There's great characters, even the premerge even though I find the winner Vecepia 14/16 most interesting this season below Zoe & The General. The fall of the rotu 4 pretty much solidified that power can shift in Survivor through strategic gameplay. Also Kathy peeing on John is still one of my favorite scenes on Survivor.

15th-  Palau

Had a lot of good compelling characters. Would've loved an even tribe division. The only downside was Tom being an obvious winner from the get go. Also didn't like how Wanda & Jonathan got screwed by the day 2 twist.

14th-  Kaoh Rong

Many compelling characters, gameplay and interactions. The evacs didn't take away from the game as much but it shows why Survivor is a tough game to play. Even though I like Michelle, Aubry should've won based on gameplay alone. And having a chicken outlast 15 people is epic. Probably one of the best edited seasons.

13th-  Vanuatu

Probably the second most idiotic group of men (minus Chris) next to the dumbest group of women on Survivor. It only had a handful great characters and rivalries but Chris' story arc from causing Lopevi to go to tribal council on day 3 to winning the season has got to be one of the best stories on the show.

12th- Australia

It had some compelling characters and drama (who couldn't forget the many floods and Skupin falling into the fire). There is a reason why half the cast has been brought back for future seasons.

11th- Blood Vs. Water

It had a lot of great characters and gameplay but it had my least favorite final 3. Gervase and Monica were awful and Tyson winning left a bitter taste in my mouth. Favorite moments include: "F*** you Brad Culpepper!", Ciera voting out her mom, drawing rocks, and Rupert going home first.

10th- Gabon

Even though it was mean spirited, we had a good mix of heroes and villains on the cast. I also liked the gameplay picking up right before the merge.

9th- Panama

Has great characters even though they overshadowed the final 2 IMO. Has a fair amount of good gameplay and watching a middle aged man dominate challenges was awesome. The only draw back is the introduction of exile island and the borefest of the swapped la mina tribe.

CLASSICS- They show the best of what Survivor is about. Definitely open to rewatching any of these seasons

8th- Amazon

Its one of the first seasons where there's power play each episode post merge. Rob Cesternino was amazing and should've won since I wasn't a fan of Jenna and her winning was ho hum for me. The battle of the sexes twist felt gimmicky though.

7th- China

Thank goodness China came along to wash the disgusting after taste that was Fiji season. Amazing cast, great game play, we had a decoy winner Amanda only for Todd to win--who is probably had the best final tribal council performance to date. Aaron's boot due to the twist is still one of my most unfair boots to date.

6th- Pearl Islands

Would've been higher if not for the Outcast twist cause we had to deal w/ Lil and Burton all over again. Great theme, concept & production. I enjoyed the cast, even Fairplay.

5th- Cagayan

Great cast who is out there to play which resulted into epic story telling. Not a Tony fan but I appreciate his bold approach to winning the game. Could've done without the beauty tribe though.

4th- Cambodia

People really took advantage of their second chance. Amazing boot order and gameplay from just about everyone--except Keith. Only downside is that we're treated to the same old Abi and too much Joe worship

3rd- Philippines

Asides Chris, Denise's story of being in every tribal council is one of Survivor's most compelling stories. The beginning was a bit bland but it started picking up with great plays from the merge onward. My least favorite thing about this season--two words: Jeff Kent.

2nd- Micronesia

The first season provided interesting characters & compelling drama but the second half provided an epic string of blindsides leading up to Erik's boot. Cirie making it short on the finals is still heart breaking for me.

1st- Hereos Vs Villains

- This is the reason why most All Star season make great seasons. It has a good mix of gamers and characters and Parvati's idol give away is my all time favorite move on Survivor. People played hard (except Colby) and despite the slow pre merge, I will definitely have no problems rewatching this season at any given time.


The shade @ Caramoan LMFAO. Marquesas > Ya momma though damn
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