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Survivor Blood Vs. Water First Impressions/Early predictions

Aug 22, 2013 by virgobo1
Damn, so long since I logged on here-but when season 27 cast is released, I had to write it down here and make a first impression/early prediction of how this season is gonna play out.

Yes, there's redemption island (boo!) that probably means we'll have a string of female early boots with a guy or two in there, maybe a 12 person merge but I predict a final 5 of men this season, making way for its 15th male winner.

Here's my August boot order for now:


20th Katie- Each season, there's one useless young chick that gets voted
       out early and I think its her this season. Despite her Mother obviously
       embellishing her on the interviews, Katie doesn't look athletic
       and someone who only has a social game to rely on is in trouble from
       the get go (what if no one likes you there?)  On the first impression vote-off,
       she's easily a target from the loved ones tribe. I can see Colton eating her alive.

19th- Colton- Speaking of. He was only brought back since America didn't see
        him get deservingly voted out but It would've been interesting to see him
        play, but his reputation is too hard to overcome especially when your playing
        for a million bucks. I can see Monica leading the charge to vote him right off the

18th- Rachel- I feel like she doesn't wanna be there. That's a red flag. I can see her
        getting by when her team wins immunities, but I peg her as the whiner
        of this season and maybe even potentially quit.

17th- Candice- I think Her 8th-8th streak will be tarnished after this season.  I think
      Rupert will be gunning for her and w/o John she's known for not being able to handle
      stress and paranoia too well. She comes off as the person who tells people what to
      do in her interview and that's a red flag on Survivor.

16th- Kat- If Katie is the useless on in the loved one's tribe, she's the appendix
     of the returning player's tribe. She really lucked out in One World to
     make it far but I don't see her meshing well with the other Returnees.

15th- Laura B- She may be strong and outdoor savvy but she has to get
         through pre-merge w/o Rupert and that's hard. I think
         she's underestimating that she's gonna be good in challenges
         and that the others will go under her wing.

14th- Caleb- Caleb is gonna be in trouble for being associated w/ Colton and he
       doesn't look athletic enough to perform well in challenges. He's also
       too laid back to make alliances and connections to get him through
       the game.

13th-  Cierra- She doesn't seem like an outdoors-y person and I don't think she's
        capable of doing well in challenges or any strategy. There's one chick
        each season who doesn't get much airtime until they are voted off
        mid-season (ie Julia, women of Kalabaw, Sydney etc) and I think its
        gonna be her.


12th- Monica- She would do well with her husband, but I wonder if she can survive the
        tribal phase without him. I can see her either meshing with Laura or
        rivaling her. I can see her husband being a hot head and I think she
        will end up paying dearly for him in the game.

11th- Hayden- Hopefully he won't do the predictable thing and forge and all-male
        alliance from the get go, but hey whatever works. I can see
        him skate by with his skills in challenges and social game, but
        I see him as an early target when it comes to the merge. No one would
        wanna let a guy win 2 reality shows. Also, its bad for Survivor that
        a winner from another show conquered it.

10th- Brad- He sounded a little too confident in his interview and I hope he
      doesn't turn out like Jeff Kent did in S25. If without Monica, he's gonna
      struggle playing the game and his NFL background will be too hard to
      ignore. I can see him snapping at a few people as well. He's another
      threat coming into the merge.

9th- Tyson- Oh please, please please--let him be blindsided the 3rd time! He's a
       challenge threat, he's easy to manipulate and he intentionally rubs
       people the wrong way. I don't see him making it to the finals. He
       is clearly there for comic relief.

8th- Laura- Being an alpha female, I can see her bonding w/ Tina & Monica but
       She is one of the few who can take a group of men under her wing just
       like in Samoa. The downside is that Laura has a competitive, dominating
       presence and I can see her being blindsided by her own alliance cause she's
      too much of a threat.

7th- Marissa- She is teetering into the stereotype of a black female on this show.
         She is gonna benefit a lot from her uncle's being in Season 1 and I see both of
         them being the most safe out of the pairs & go under the radar. She's athletic, but
         is she smart enough to hold her tongue and make alliances? I can see her
         going out before her uncle when the number dwindles and there's no where else to

6th- Tina- She has 3 things going against her. Tina won the highest-rated
      season of Survivor to date, and people will identify her that
      more than being the first boot in All Stars. Second, she is
      probably the oldest female in the tribe and third, Survivor has
      changed over the years but I think she can slide by quietly but will be denied
      access to the finals for being too much of a jury threat. I can see her and Aras
      working together as previous winner kind of like she did with Colby in the Outback.

5th- Vytas- He is sounded so obsessed about beating his brother that he came off
       kinda naive that his only loyalty--Aras would keep him to
       the end and I doubt that. I really hope he's more entertaining on the show, cause
       having him go far and be bland will kill the mood of this season for me.

4th- Gervase- Being a season 1 returnee will earn him points which will be in
         his best advantage. Though I don't find him controlling one, I
         think he earns enough respect to be in a dominant alliance going
         into the merge.

3rd- John- He is a wild card for me. He's gonna be good in challenges, but
      he is a fish out of water without Candice. I can see him as the
      endearing Eddie of this season since I don't see Candice lasting too long
      and he's gonna be playing in the dark most of the time. Even
      though he seems likeable like Aras, he doesn't have the experience
      or the strategic ability to overcome him in that department. He's Mick 2.0
      getting no votes from the jury.

2nd- Aras- He has a shot to go really far or win. his likeability negates the
      fact that he is probably one of the challenge threat this season.
      The only bad thing about it is that he wasn't that
      entertaining the first time and his win will feel predictable
      since he seems the most balanced of all the other players

Winner- Rupert- Ugh. It's like the same character over and over again. But
        This time, its Rupert part 4--with wife! Like he said, he
        is too naive and trusting and I think that's his downfall.
        I don't see this time being any different but I hope he wins so
        he can freaking retire from our TV screens )I hope I doesn't
        cause it'll be another Boston Rob-like wins and I'd rather
        see Aras win twice)


Too bad Tyson wins :(
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