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The Cast of Survivor: Prudes Vs. Nudes

May 24, 2012 by virgobo1
9 Former Survivors who got naked on TV vs. 9 Former Survivors who sneer at them for conservative reasons. 1 Ultimate #Survivor. (PYN and which player you want to play as)


Heidi Strobel- Got naked in an immunity challenge w/ Jenna in Amazon ( Millzipede )
Juile Berry- sunbathed in the buff in Vanuatu ( Akuastie )
Parvati Shallow- Got naked in a hot tub w/ Ozzy in Cook Islands ( Zack2010 )
Ozzy Lusth- Got naked in a hot tub w/ Parvati in Cook Islands ( sturner161 )
James Clement- Got naked in the open shower at the reward in China ( SP4RROW )
Tyson Apostol- Put on a show for his tribemates in Tocantins ( taylor112399 )
Ashley Massaro- Playboy Model/WWE Diva from China ( Frankoo )
Richard Hatch- Got naked a lot in Borneo ( TheSexiestDude990 )
Jenna Morasca- Got naked in an immunity challenge w/ Heidi in Amazon ( survivorparv123 )


Butch Lockley- Refused to look at Heidi & Jenna naked in Amazon ( Danielvk )
Brandon Hantz- Was uncomfortable w/ Mikayla's sexuality in South Pacific ( Bryce12 )
Joanna Ward- The christian lady who hates the immunity idol in Amazon ( Lowwww )
Leslie Nease- Her tribemates call her "Sister Christian" in China ( Chee5e55ave5 )
John Cochran- Felt insecure being in his underwear in South Pacific ( TheJesseHudson )
Dawn Meehan- Felt insecure joining the tribe swim in their underwear in South Pacific ( lassidoggy )
Sandra Diaz-Twine- Made fun of the nude Morgan men in the first immunity challenge of Pearl Islands ( Rileycotter )
Yul Kwon- Felt uncomfortable at the hot tub w/ Parvati & Ozzy naked in Cook Islands ( subfriend )
Ashley Underwood- Grossed out by Philip & his underwear in Redemption Island ( hinata0014 )

***Results via randomizer will be posted after all spots are filled.


Yul Kwon plis
Sent by subfriend,May 24, 2012
Sent by Zack2010,May 24, 2012
Nude Ashley survivor china :)
Sent by Frankoo,May 24, 2012
Hmm... Tyson! LOL jk I want Richard Hatch this time xD
Sent by TheSexiestDude990,May 24, 2012
Sent by sturner161,May 24, 2012
guess i gotta be james then :P
Sent by SP4RROW,May 24, 2012
Miss diaz@
Sent by Rileycotter,May 24, 2012
Sent by taylor112399,May 24, 2012
Sent by Chee5e55ave5,May 24, 2012
Cochran for me
Sent by TheJesseHudson,May 24, 2012
Sent by lassidoggy,May 24, 2012
Sent by Bryce12,May 25, 2012
closed. gl to the cast!
Sent by virgobo1,May 25, 2012

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